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[Unconfirmed wolf sightings] September-November 1992 Articles & Newspapers
[Twelve] 12 photographs of Yellowstone.Geyserland. Issued by the Union Pacific System Union Pacific Railroad Company [Union Pacific System] [1924] Books & Theses
[The fires and the media] In: Covering the Pacific Environment - Summary of a Conference on News Media Coverage of Pacific Environmental Issues, October 1989, Missoula, Montana, The Mansfield Center for Pacific Affairs, pp 4, illus., 28 cm. Varley, John D. The Mansfield Center for Pacific Affairs 1989 Books & Theses
[Temple Hill] Henderson, George L. January 29, 1886 Articles & Newspapers
[Steep Cone] Henderson, Georgee L April 25, 1885 Articles & Newspapers
[Playing cards] Northern Pacific Railway Company Northern Pacific Railway 1930?] Books & Theses
[Playing cards in leather wallet] Books & Theses
[Petition letters] April 19, 1888 Articles & Newspapers
[Park concessions] February 1, 1883 Articles & Newspapers
[One hundred] 100 natural wonders of the world Yenne, Bill Bluewood Books 1995 Books & Theses
[Number of elk in Yellowstone Park] 6-Jan-00 Articles & Newspapers
[Northern Pacific Ticket Rates for Yellowstone Tours] 1899 Northern Pacific Railway Company Northern Pacific Railroad Company 1899 Books & Theses
[Norris Falls] Norris, Philetus W. September 30. 1880 Articles & Newspapers
[New national park] 1872 Articles & Newspapers
[Nathaniel P. Langford] Upham, Warren 15-May Articles & Newspapers
[Mineralien and Gesteine vom National Park, Wyo.] vom Rath, Gerhard June 7, 1886 Articles & Newspapers
[Manual of instructions. Garage and filling stations sections] Yellowstone Park Company Yellowstone Park Company 1936– Books & Theses
[Letter]. [Boutelle, Frazier A.] n.p.] 1890 Books & Theses
[Letter] To the Hon. Joseph G. Cannon Henderson, George L. n.d. 1890 Books & Theses
[Letter] Senators of the United States Gibson, Charles [Gibson Bros., Printers and Bookbinders] [1892?] Books & Theses