Victorian and Edwardian Literature

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3881 [Two Essays on William Morris: William Morris, 1834-1896, by S. Dale Harris, and William Morris and the Kelmscott Press] [Morris, William]; Ward Ritchie n.p. 1967
589 [The wishing-cap] Hunt, Leigh 1833
589 [The family journal] Hunt, Leigh 1825
589 [Reviews in Edinburgh Review, 1841-44] Hunt, Leigh 1841-44
589 [Prose & poetry] Hunt, Leigh 1835-36
3941 [Proof copy of his one-half length, seated, three-quarters left portrait of Laurence Hausman] Rothenstein, Sir William n.p. 1898
1371 [Political sketches & c.] Doyle, John Thos McLean 1831-1843
589 [Notes of a lover of books] Hunt, Leigh 1838-39
589 [Essay on Lady M. Wortley Montague] Hunt, Leigh 1837
1412 [Bookmark with] National Anthem Stevens, Thomas (188-.)
2024 [An original proof on vellum for an illustration by Burne-Jones for the Kelmscott Press edition of William Morris' Love is enough] (Kelmscott Press) Burne-Jones, Edward Coley Kelmscott Press 1897?
589 [A year of honey-moons] Hunt, Leigh 1833
1439 [A series of 24 chromolithographs caricaturing the army and navy, with handwritten captions in rhymed couplets] (Caricature) [1880?]
589 [A rustic walk and dinner] Hunt, Leigh 1842
2200 Ziska: the Problem of a Wicked Soul Corelli, Marie Simpkin, Marshall 1897
743 Zingra, the Gipsy Maillard, Annette M. G. Routledge & Co 1852
3948 Zillah, the Little Dancing Girl: or, One of Christ's Lost Little Lambs Saint Leger, Mrs. Hugh S.W. Partridge & Co. [1906]
186 Zanoni Bulwer-Lytton, Edward 1842
1261 Zanita: a Tale of Yo-semite Yelverton, Therese 1872
2605 Yussuf the Guide: being the strange story of the travels in Asia Minor of Burne the lawyer, Preston the professor, and Lawrence the sick Fenn, G. Manville Scribner and Welford [c. 1890]
2589 Yule-Tide Yarns Henty, G. A. (Ed.) Longmans, Green and Co. 1899
2588 Yule Logs Henty, G. A. (Ed.) Longmans, Green and Co. 1898
93 Young Swaigder or The Force of Runes Borrow, George 1913-14
510 Young Singleton Gwynne, Talbot (Gulston, Josepha) Smith, Elder and Co 1856
2587 Young England: an Illustrated Magazine for Recreation and Instruction: Vol. XIII (Henty, G. A.) "Young England" Office [1892]
1639 Youens's Dance Album: Word and Music (Dancing) Youens, W. G. George Routledge and Sons 1874
2110 Yolande: the Story of a Daughter Black, William Macmillan & Co. 1883
631 Yellow and White Dawe, W. Carlton J. Lane 1895
3304 Years of Endeavour 1886-1907 Leveson-Gower, George J. Murray [1942]
2556 Yarns on the Beach: a Bundle of Tales Henty, G. A. Blackie and Son, Limited [188-?]
2016 XlXth Century Ornamented Types and Title Pages Gray, Nicolette Faber and Faber Limited 1938
121 Wuthering Heights: A Tale by the author of Jane Eyre Brontë, Emily Harper & Brothers 1849
2554 Wulf the Saxon: a Story of the Norman Conquest Henty, G. A. Blackie & Son, Limited 1895
2555 Wulf the Saxon: a Story of the Norman Conquest Henty, G. A. Charles Scribner 1894
3963 Wrongs Righted Smith, Annie Swan (Mrs. Burnett Smith) Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier 1888
3197 Writings by & about James Abbott McNeill Whistler: a Bibliography (Whistler, James McNeill) Seitz, Don C. Otto Schulze & Company 1910
2202 Wreckage: Seven Studies Crackanthorpe, Hubert William Heinemann 1893
2610 Wreck of the Golden Fleece: the Story of a North Sea Fisher-Boy Leighton, Robert Blackie & Son [c. 1890]
283 Wormwood: a Drama of Paris Corelli, Marie Richard Bentley and Son 1890
487 Workers in the Dawn: A Novel Gissing, George Remington and Co 1880
3733 Words by an Eyewitness: The Struggle in Natal Grant, Maurice Harold William Blackwood and Sons 1902
2553 Won by the Sword: a Tale of the Thirty Years' War Henty, G. A. Charles Scribner's Sons 1899
559 Won by the Sword: A Story of the Thirty Years War Henty, G.A. Blackie & Son, Limited 1900
631 Women's Tragedies Lowry, H.D. J. Lane 1895
3143 Without Prejudice Zangwill, Israel T. Fisher Unwin 1896
3607 Within Sound of the Sea: In Two Volumes [Dempster, Charlotte Louisa Hawkins] C. Kegan Paul & Co. 1879
737 Within and Without: a Dramatic Poem MacDonald, George Longman, Brown, Green, & Longmans 1855
2550 With Wolfe in Canada, or, The Winning of a Continent Henty, G. A. Blackie & Son 1887
2551 With Wolfe in Canada, or, The Winning of a Continent Henty, G. A. Blackie & Son, Limited; Charles Scribner's Sons [189-?]
2699 With the Night Mail: a Story of 2000 A. D. Kipling, Rudyard Doubleday, Page & Company 1909