Victorian and Edwardian Literature

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3567 The Condition of the West India Slave Contrasted with That of the Infant Slave in our English Factories William Kidd [1833?]
3595 Cruikshank v. Agnew: or, a view of Sir Andrew Agnew's Bill for the Better Observance of the Lord's Day Cruikshank, Isaac Robert William Kidd 1833
3596 Cruikshank v. The New Police: Showing the Great Utility of that Military Body, Their Employment, &c. Cruikshank, Isaac Robert William Kidd [183-?]
3597 Cruikshank's Trip to Greenwich Fair: A Whimsical Record, Containing the Humorous Adventures of Peter Grace and His Three Daughters; Also, of their Nine Friends, the Muses, &c.; Together with a Description of the Various Amusements in Greenwich Park, the Fair, &c. &c. Cruikshank, Isaac Robert William Kidd [1830?]
3608 The Devil's Visit: A Poem, from the Original Manuscript William Kidd 1830
3609 The High-Mettled Racer Dibdin, Charles William Kidd 1831
3711 A Trip to Epsom and Ascot Races: In A Series of Laughable Adventures: To Which is Appended a Description of a Race Ball Flounce, Wilhelmina William Kidd [183-?]
3837 Margate: A Humorous Poem William Kidd 1831
3866 Old Booty! A Serio-Comic Sailor's Tale Moncrieff, William Thomas William Kidd 1830
3950 Sayings Worth Hearing: and Secrets Worth Knowing: A New Book for the Million: Consisting of a Variety of Choice Articles William Kidd [18--?]
3967 Steamers v. Stages: or, Andrew and His Spouse William Kidd 1830
4025 Valpurgis: or, The Devil's Festival William Kidd 1831
1618 A Complete Report of the Trial of Dr. E. W. Pritchard for the Alleged Poisoning of his Wife and Mother-in-Law. . . (Pritchard, E. W.) William Kay 1865
3997 Teasing Made Easy: A Pocket Manual for All Who Would Excel in this Fashionable Accomplishment and Most Important Branch of the Fine Arts William Ingham 1836
3451 Sir Evelyn's Charge; or A Child's Influence [Arden, Margaret Isabella] William Hunt and Company 1893
1619 Trial of James Blomfield Rush (Rush, J. B.) Shore, W. Teignmouth William Hodge & Co., Ltd. 1928
1621 Trial of the Stauntons (Stauntons, The) Atlay, J. B. William Hodge & Co. 1911
1271 The Grey Wig: Stories and Novelettes Zangwill, Israel William Heinemann, 1903
493 The Life and Letters of Sir Edmund Gosse (Gosse, Edmund) Charteris, Evan William Heinemann ltd. [1931]
925 Thanks before Going (Rossetti, Dante Gabriel) Masefield, John William Heinemann Ltd. [1946]
3267 The Life of Lord Wolseley Maurice, Sir F. and Arthur, Sir George William Heinemann ltd. 1924
1607 Murder and its Motives Jesse, F. Tennyson William Heinemann Ltd 1924
180 The Piper of Hamelin: A Fantastic Opera Buchanan, Robert William Heinemann 1893
491 Portraits and Sketches Gosse, Edmund William Heinemann 1912
494 The Heavenly Twins Grand, Sarah (McFall, Frances E.) William Heinemann 1893
560 The Green Carnation (Hichens, Robert) William Heinemann 1894
814 Hail and Farewell. Ave; Salve; Vale Moore, George William Heinemann 1911-1914
815 Hail and Farewell. Ave; Salve; Vale Moore, George William Heinemann 1911-1914
1015 The Ebb-Tide. A Trio and Quartette Stevenson, Robert Louis and Osbourne, Lloyd William Heinemann 1894
1204 The Gentle Art of Making Enemies. . . . Whistler, James McNeill William Heinemann 1890
1272 The King of Schnorrers: Grotesques & Fantasies Zangwill, Israel William Heinemann 1894
1917 Personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving (Irving) Stoker, Bram William Heinemann 1906
2201 Sentimental Studies and a Set of Village Tales Crackanthorpe, Hubert William Heinemann 1895
2202 Wreckage: Seven Studies Crackanthorpe, Hubert William Heinemann 1893
2334 The Beth Book, being a Study from the Life of Elizabeth Caldwell Maclure, a Woman of Genius Grand, Sarah (Frances E. McFall) William Heinemann 1898
2335 Our Manifold Nature Grand, Sarah William Heinemann 1894
2909 William Sharp (Fiona Macleod): a Memoir (Sharp, William) Sharp, Elizabeth A. William Heinemann 1910
2966 Knave of Hearts: 1894-1908 Symons, Arthur William Heinemann 1913
3138 Children of the Ghetto Zangwill, Israel William Heinemann 1892
3139 Ghetto Comedies Zangwill, Israel William Heinemann 1907
3140 The Mantle of Elijah Zangwill, Israel William Heinemann 1900
3141 "They that Walk in Darkness": Ghetto Tragedies Zangwill, Israel William Heinemann 1899
3142 "They that Walk in Darkness": Ghetto Tragedies Zangwill, Israel William Heinemann 1899
3406 The Brass Bottle Anstey, F. William Heinemann 1911
3422 Mr. Punch's Pocket Ibsen Anstey, F. William Heinemann 1893
3423 Mr. Punch's Pocket Ibsen Anstey, F. William Heinemann 1893
3429 The Pocket Ibsen Anstey, F. William Heinemann 1895
3506 October and Other Poems, With Occasional Verses on the War Bridges, Robert Seymour William Heinemann 1920
3527 The Christian: A Story Caine, Sir Hall William Heinemann 1897
3730 In Russet & Silver Gosse, Edmund William Heinemann 1894