Victorian and Edwardian Literature

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Magee Number Title Author Publisher Year
98 Birds of Prey Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1867
99 Hostages to Fortune Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1875
100 Ishmael: A Novel Braddon, Mary Elizabeth J. and R. Maxwell 1884
101 John Marchmont's Legacy Braddon, Mary Elizabeth Tinsley Brothers 1863
102 Thou Art the Man Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1894
103 English Farming and Why I Turned It Up Bramah, Ernest (Ernest Bramah Smith) The Leadenhall Prefs, ltd 1894
104 Hartland Forest: A Legend of North Devon Bray, Anna Eliza 1871
105 Roseteague or the Heir of Treville Crewse Bray, Anna Eliza 1874
106 The Chronicles of Castle Cloyne; or, Pictures of the Munster People Brew, M.W. 1884
107 "Love, too, is Vanity." A Novel Brewer, Emma George Bell and Sons 1885
108 Hymn of Nature (published as "Song of Darkness and Light") Bridges, Robert 1898
109 Eros and Psyche Bridges, Robert George Bell 1885
110 Poems Bridges, Robert E. Bumpus 1879
111 Poetical Works Bridges, Robert 1898-99
112 Prometheus the Firegiver Bridges, Robert 1884
113 Shorter Poems Bridges, Robert 1894
114 The Shorter Poems of Robert Bridges Bridges, Robert Geo Bell & Sons London 1891
115 Poems Bell, Currer, Ellis, and Acton (Brontë, Charlotte, Emily, & Anne) Smith, Elder & Co. 1846
116 The Adventures of Ernest Alembert: A Fairy Tale Brontë, Charlotte Printed for private circulation only 1896
117 Jane Eyre: An Autobiography Brontë, Charlotte 1847
118 Shirley: A Tale Brontë, Charlotte 1849
119 Villette Brontë, Charlotte 1853
120 The Life of Charlotte Brontë E.C. Gaskell 1857
121 Wuthering Heights: A Tale by the author of Jane Eyre Brontë, Emily Harper & Brothers 1849
122 Mrs. Brookfield and her circle Brookfield, Charles & Frances 1905
123 Respectable Sinners Brotherton, Mary. Hurst and Blackett 1863
124 The life of Sir John Falstaff Brough, Robert B. 1858
125 Alas! Broughton, Rhoda 1890
126 The Beggar's Benison: or a Hero without a Name; but with an Aim: A Clydesdale Story Brown, Colin Rae Cassell, Petter & Galpin 1866
127 The Manx Witch and Other Poems Brown, T.E. Macmillan and Co. 1889
128 The Battle of Marathon Browning, Elizabeth B. Privately printed 1891
129 Casa Guidi windows: a poem Browning, Elizabeth B. Chapman & Hall 1851
130 An Essay on Mind, with Other Poems Browning, Elizabeth B. 1826
131 The Greek Christian poets and the English poets Browning, Elizabeth B. Chapman & Hall 1863
132 Napoleon III in Italy and other poems Browning, Elizabeth B. 1860
133 Poems Browning, Elizabeth B. 1850
134 Prometheus Bound Browning, Elizabeth B. A.J. Valpy 1833
135 The Seraphim, and Other Poems Browning, Elizabeth B. 1838
136 Sonnets from the Portuguese Browning, Elizabeth B. John Henry Nash 1927
137 The Life of Elizabeth Barrett Browning Taplin, Gardner B. John Murray 1957
138 Two Poems Browning, Robert (With Elizabeth Barrett) Chapman & Hall 1854
139 The Agamemnon of Aeschylus Browning, Robert 1877
140 Aristophanes' Apology Browning, Robert 1875
141 Asolando: Fancies and Facts Browning, Robert 1890
142 Balaustion's Adventure: including a Transcript from Euripides Browning, Robert 1871
143 Bells and Pomegranates Browning, Robert 1841
144 Critical Comments on Algernon Charles Swinburne and D.G. Rossetti: With an Anecdote relating to W. M. Thackeray Browning, Robert R. Clay and Sons, Ltd. 1919
145 Dramatic Idyls Browning, Robert 1879
146 Dramatic Idyls: Second Series Browning, Robert 1880
147 Dramatis Personae Browning, Robert Chapman & Hall 1864