Victorian and Edwardian Literature

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Magee Number Title Author Publisher Year
2760 The Pleasures of Life, Part II Lubbock, Sir John
2855 A.L.S. To "My dear Ward" Pater, Walter
2879 A.L.S. "Fitzroy St. Feb 21st /53" to Sir Edwin Landseer, R. A. Roberts, David
2929 A.L.S. "38 Queen's Gardens, Bayswater W. April 9 /84" to James A. Bailey Spencer, Herbert
3075 Five A.L.S.s, to Mr. Alsop Verney, Parthenope
3381 A.L.S. "H.B.M. Consulate, Old Calabar, West Africa 12-3-95." To "My Dear Rose" Kingsley, Mary
3576 Recent Fiction and the Critics [A Book Review of Holy Orders, by Marie Corelli. New York, 1908] [Corelli, Marie]
1384 Jerusalem the Golden (c. 1862)
753 Masterman Ready; or the Wreck of the Pacific Marryat, Capt. Frederick Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longmans 1841-42-45
1350 Quarterly Papers on Architecture (Weale, John) Weale 1844-45
1716 The War, from the Landing at Gallipoli to the Death of Lord Raglan; from the Death of Lord Raglan to the Evacuation of the Crimea (Crimea) Russell, William Howard George Routledge & Co. 1855-56
1717 The Seat of War in the East (Crimea) Simpson, William Paul & Dominic Colnaghi & Co. 1855-56
1547 Literary Anecdotes of the Nineteenth Century: contributions towards a literary history of the period Nicoll, W. Robertson & Wise, Thomas J. Hodder & Stoughton 1895-96
1704 A collection of 108 Stereoscopic Views of the South African War, contained in 3 original cloth cases, together with viewer of wood and chased German silver. (Boer War) Underwood & Underwood 1900-01
1890 The Remedy (Slavery) Buxton, Thomas Fowell W. Clowes & Sons n.d. (1839)
1686 An Overland Journey to the Great Exhibition: showing a few extra Articles and Visitors (Panorama) Doyle, Richard Chapman and Hall n.d. (1851)
1646 Familiar Wild Flowers (Horticulture) Hulme, F. Edward Cassell and Company, Limited n.d. (1877 etc.)
1663 A series of six valentines, each with a hand-colored lithograph, accompanied by a verse. (Valentines) Dean & Son n.d. (c. 1840)
1664 A series of five humorous valentines, each with a hand-colored lithograph depicting a clerk, a policeman, a grocer, etc., accompanied by a verse. (Valentines) Dean & Son n.d. (c. 1840)
1483 Ruins and Old Trees associated wth Memorable Events in English History (Binding) Roberts, Mary Harvey and Darton n.d. (c. 1850)
1683 Nursery Picture Books Thomas Dean & Son n.d. (c. 1850)
1441 Household Pictures for Home & School Dickes, William Jarrold & Sons n.d. (c. 1870)
1558 The Coach Painter's Handbook and Guide, by a Coach Painter of Thirty Years' Experience. (Coach Painting) H.J. Drane n.d. (c. 1880)
1562 Modern Practical Farriery: A Complete System of the Veterinary Art (Farriery) Miles, W. J. William Mackenzie n.d. (c. 1890)
1440 Songs of Shakespeare (Day & Son) Shakespeare, William Day & Son, Limited [1865]
1436 George Baxter, the Picture Printer (Baxter) Lewis, C. T. Courtney S. Low, Marston and Co., Ltd. [1924]
1418 An original pencil drawing entitled "The Demon of Discord vanishing at the Appearance in Ireland of the Good Genius Victoria." Tenniel, John (184-.)
365 A group of 5 plays adapted from Dickens' works in a series called "Webster's Acting National Drama" (Dickens, Charles) (185-)
807 The automaton: a comedy in three acts Monkhouse, W. Cosmo privately printed (186-)
888 Large oblong folio volume of seventy-four original drawings in pencil, heightened with chinese white to illustrate Baron Fouque Phiz (Hablot K. Browne). (187-)
1575 Autograph manuscript of fourteen true stories about crime and detection in the Post Office (Post Office) Peacock, R. W. (1876-88)
364 A collection of 22 plays adapted from Dickens (Dickens, Charles) John Dicks (Dicks (188-)
1412 [Bookmark with] National Anthem Stevens, Thomas (188-.)
1411 The Crystal Palace: woven in pure silk Stevens, Thomas Stevengraph Work (1880?)
1182 Cousin Philip Ward, Humphry, Mrs. W. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. (1919)
1541 A Collection of Original Manuscripts, Letters & Books of Oscar Wilde, including letters written to Robert Ross from Reading Gaol and Unpublished Letters, Poems & Plays formerly in the Possession of Robert Ross, C. S. Millard and the Younger Son of Oscar Wilde Wilde, Oscar Dulau & Company Limited (192-)
1366 Four original watercolor drawings of humorous subjects, each captioned Buss, Robert W. (c. 1840.)
1306 Original charcoal and wash drawing, heightened with chinese white, of the Prince Consort Albert, Prince. (c. 1845.)
1335 Designs for Cottage and Villa Architecture Brooks, S. H. Thomas Kelly (c. 1850)
1672 The Queen (Card Game) Evans & Sons (c. 1850)
1681 Missionary Map Of The World (c. 1850)
1695 Story About William And Dick, and what Echo said to them (cover title) Affable, Aunt Dean & Co. (c. 1850)
1463 Gems from the Poets Lydon, F. A. C. Griffin (c. 1860)
1669 Counties of England. (Card Game) Jaques & Son (c. 1860)
1679 Dolly's Dressmaker Lesser, Fredericke Joseph, Myers & Co. (c. 1860)
1452 The History of Joseph and His Brethren Jones, Owen & Warren, Henry (c. 1865.)
2241 Carte-de-visite (Dickens, Charles) Mason & Co. (c. 1866)
1455 Old Humphrey's Dusty Packet Kronheim, Joseph Martin The Religious Tract Society (c. 1869)
1459 Who is my Neighbour? Kronheim, J. M. and Co Religious Tract Society (c. 1870)
1670 Reichardt's Royal Old Maid (Card Game) A.N. Myers & Co. (c. 1875)