Victorian and Edwardian Literature

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4052 The Book of Beauty (Late Victorian Era): A Collection of Beautiful Portraits with Literary, Artistic, and Musical Contributions by Men and Women of the Day Hutchinson & Co. 1896
1294 Weibnachtsbluthen ein Taschenbuch fur die Jugend (Victoria) Plieninger, Gustav, Dr. Druck und Verlag von Eduard Hallberger 1859
1872 Memoirs of Sixty Years at Eton, Cambridge and Elsewhere Browning, Oscar John Lane, The Bodley Head 1910
1317 "Private. Ardenne July 6th 1838." To Sir Gore Ouseley. Leopold, Prince 1838
849 Major and Minor Norris, W. E. 1887
854 Ariadne: the Story of a Dream Ouida (Louise de la Ramee) Chapman & Hall 1877
855 Under Two Flags. A Story of the Household and the Desert Ouida (Louise de la Ramee) Chapman & Hall 1867
906 "Corinna": A Study "Rita John & Robert Maxwell [1885]
1180 A Loose Rein "Wanderer" (D'Avigdor, Elim Henry) Bradbury, Agnew, & Co. 1887
3886 Officer Pug: A Pastime of the Nineteenth Century (A Lady) Sampson Low 1832
3238 Sale's Brigade in Afghanistan with an Account of the Seizure and Defense of Jellalabad (Afghanistan) Gleig, Rev. G. R. John Murray 1846
13 Thomas Gilbert Ainsworth (from the Manchester School Register) (Ainsworth) Charles Simms and Co n.d. (1872)
14 William Harrison Ainsworth (from the Manchester School Register) (Ainsworth) Charles Simms and Co n.d. (1872)
2052 December Tales (Ainsworth, William Harrison) G. and W. B. Whittaker 1823
2060 Banquet to William Harrison Ainsworth Esq. at the Manchester Town Hall, 15th September, 1881 (Ainsworth, William Harrison) A. Ireland and Co. 1881
2061 William Harrison Ainsworth and His Friends (Ainsworth, William Harrison) Ellis, S. M. J. Lane 1911
1790 Arthur Albright: Born, March 12, 1811; Died, July 3, 1900: Notes on his Life (Albright, Arthur) King, Wilson Guild Press [1901]
3148 Queen Alexandra: a Pictorial Biography: 1844-1925 (Alexandra, Queen) Andrew Melrose 1925
3149 Christmas Gift Book: Photographs from my Camera (Alexandra, Queen) The Daily Telegraph 1908
1624 Mr. Punch's Pocket Book for 1870 (Almanac) Leech, John Punch Office 1870
1791 The Case for Incense, submitted to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury on behalf of the Rev. H. Westall (Anglo-Catholicism) Westall, H. Longmans, Green, and Co. 1899
1932 Euryalus: Tales of the Sea, a Few Leaves from the Diary of a Midshipman (Anon) J. D. Potter 1860
2064 Jon Duan: a Twofold Journey with Manifold Purposes (Anon.) Weldon & Co. 1874
2065 Life of Jack Sheppard, the Housebreaker (Anon.) Glover 1840-39
2066 Stenelaus and Amylda; a Christmas Legend: for Children of a Larger Growth (Anon.) Griffith and Farran 1858
1471 A Bibliography of the Works of F. Anstey (Thomas Anstey Guthrie) (Anstey, F.) (Thomas Anstey Guthrie) Turner, Martin John Robert Stockwell 1931
1933 The Queen's Illuminated Magazine and North Cornwall Gazette (Arctic) 1852
39 Matthew Arnold by Lionel Trilling (Arnold) W. W. Norton and Co. 1939
1472 The Renowned Collection of First Editions of Charles Dickens and William Makepeace Thackeray formed by George Barr McCutcheon (Auction Catalogue) McCutcheon, George Barr American Art Association 1925
3179 The Prisoner of Chillon (Audsley, W. & G.) Byron, Lord Day & Son [1865]
1556 Auto-Cars. Cars, Tramcars and Small Cars (Automobiles) D. Farman Whittaker 1896
2087 Poland, Homer, and Other Poems (Aytoun, William Edmondstoune) Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longman 1832
1352 The Pilgrim's Progress (Barnard, Frederick) Bunyan, John Alexander Strahan 1884
1600 Trial of Adelaide Bartlett (Bartlett) Hall, John John Day Co. 1927
1599 The Trial of Adelaide Bartlett for Murder: Complete and Revised Report (Bartlett, Adelaide Blanche de la Tremoille) Stevens and Haynes 1886
1598 Did Adelaide Bartlett---? : A Medical Opinion (Bartlett, Adelaide) Gwynn, Gordon Christopher Johnson 1950
1436 George Baxter, the Picture Printer (Baxter) Lewis, C. T. Courtney S. Low, Marston and Co., Ltd. [1924]
1437 The Picture Printer of the Nineteenth Century. George Baxter 1804-67 (Baxter, George) Lewis, C. T. Courtney S. Low, Marston & Co., Ltd. 1911
1358 Bon-Mots of Samuel Foote and Theodore Hook (Beardsley) Foote, Samuel J.M. Dent & Co 1894
1356 Ben Jonson, his Volpone: or the Foxe (Beardsley) Jonson, Ben Leonard Smithers and Co 1898
1360 An Aubrey Beardsley Lecture (Beardsley) King, A. W. R.A. Walker 1924
59 Le Morte D'Arthur (Beardsley) Malory, Thomas, Sir Dent 1893-94
1361 Aubrey Beardsley (Beardsley) Reade, Brian Her Majesty's Stationery Office 1966
1359 Aubrey Beardsley (Beardsley) Ross, Robert 1909
1357 Bon-Mots of Sidney Smith and R. Brinsley Sheridan (Beardsley) Smith, Sydney J.M. Dent & Co 1893
56 An Evil Motherhood (Beardsley, Aubrey) Ruding, Walt Elkin Mathews 1896
57 An Evil Motherhood (Beardsley, Aubrey) Ruding, Walt Elkin Mathews 1896
1601 Adolph Beck (1877-1904) (Beck, Adolph) Watson, Eric R. W. Hodge & Co., Ltd. 1924
1626 Beeton's Book of Needlework. . . (Beeton, Mrs.) Beeton, Samuel Orchart Ward, Lock, & Tyler n.d. (c. 1870)
1602 The Trial of Herbert John Bennett (Bennett, Herbert John) Geoffrey Bles 1929