Temple Studies Bibliography

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Title Authors Publication Date
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The "Mission" of Ezra and the Persian-Period Temple Community Janzen,David Winter
Fragment Oxyrhynchus 840, Fragment of a Lost Gospel, Witness of an Early Christian Controversy over Purity Bovon,Fran??ois Winter
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Booths or Succoth? A Response to Yigael Yadin Homan,Michael M. Winter
The Name of God at Moriah: An Unpublished Fragment from 4QGenExoda Davila,James R. Winter
The Imagery of the Substitute King Ritual in Isaiah's Fourth Servant Song Walton,John H. Winter
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I Said: You Are Gods: Psalm 82:6 and John 10 Neyrey,Jerome H. Winter
On the Mening of Barrick,W. Boyd Winter
Ritual Anointing with Olive Oil in Ancient Israelite Religion Parry,Donald W. The Allegory of the Olive Tree
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Keywords: Joseph Smith, Language Changes, and Theological Innovation, 1829-44 Lindquist,Jason H. Summer 2005
The Freiberg Temple: An Unexpected Legacy of a Communist State and a Faithful People Kuehne,Raymond M. Summer 2004
The Freiberg Temple: An Unexpected Legacy of a Communist State and a Faithful People Kuehne,Raymond M. Summer 2004
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