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Observations on the Probable Sites of the Jewish Temple and Antonia, and the Acra, with Reference to the Results of the Recent Palestine Explorations Lewin,T. 1873
Christ in the Tabernacle. With some remarks on the offerings. Illustrated ... White,Frank H. 1873
The Statue of Hadrian Placed in the Temple of Jerusalem Clermont-Ganneau,Charles 1874
Marriage Pratt,Orson 1874
The Jewish Tabernacle and Priesthood; A Brief Exposition of Their Design and Typical Signification. Illustrated Needham,George C. 1874
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Note on the Souterrainsin the Noble Sanctuary. Jerusalem Warren,Charles 1875
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History and significance of the sacred tabernacle of the Hebrews ... Atwater,Edward E. 1875
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