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The Temple, Especially as it Stood in the Days of Our Savior Lightfoote,John 1650
"'Reign' and 'House' in the Kingdom of God in the Gospels." Aalen,S. 1661-2
Alexander's Hebrew ritual, an doctrinal explanation of the whole ceremonial law, oral and traditional, of the Jewish community in England and foreign parts: being a necessary companion to the Holy Scriptures. Together with several remarkable events relative to the people of the Jews, from the most ancient records. Alexander,L. 1819
Solomon's temple spiritualized or, Gospel-light brought out of the temple at Jerusalem, to let us more easily into the glory of New-Testament truths Bunyan,John 1824
The House of God' July 1835
The history of the temple of Jerusalem Siuti,Imam Jalal 1836
Baptism for the Dead Smith,Joseph April 1842
Lecture on the Doctrine of Baptism for the Dead; and Preaching to Spirits in Prison Adams,George J. 1844
Paracletes Phelps, W. W. [Pseud. Joseph's Speckled Bird] 1 May 1845
The Paracletes, Continued Phelps, W. W. [Pseud. Joseph's Speckled Bird] 1 June 1845
Celestial Family Organization Pratt,Parley P. May 1845
A Diagram of the Kingdom of God Hyde,Orson January 15, 1847
Tempel-herodianischer Winer,Georg B. 1848
Moriah : or, Sketches of the sacred rites of ancient Israel Fraser,R. W. 1848
Pregethu i'r ysbrydion yn ngharchar, a Bedyddio dros y meirw. Davis,J. 1850
Heirship and Priesthood Pratt,Parley P. 1854
The monumental history of Egypt: as recorded on the ruins of her temples, palaces, and tombs Osburn,William 1854
Spiritual Communication Pratt,Parley P. 1855
Der Tempel Salomonis, das heisst General-Charte des Arbeitsplanes des Revolutionsbundes mit Erklaerungswort, etc. Eckert,Eduard Emil 1855
Ueber die Wanderungen des Centralheiligthums der Hebraeer vom Tode des Hohenpriesters Eli bis auf die Erbauung des Tempels zu Jerusalem Staehelin,J. J. 1857
The oblation and temple of Ezekiel's prophetic visions, in their relation to the restoration of the kingdom to Israel. Hewson,William 1858
Solomon's Temple; or The Tabernacle; First Temple; House of the King, a House of the Forest of Lebanon; Idolatrous High Places; The City on the Mountain (Rev. XXI); The Oblation of the Holy Portion; and the Last Temple Paine,Timothy O. 1861
On the Hypaethron or greek temples : A paper read before the archaeological society of Berlin together with some observations in reply to the reviewers of "Daedalus" Falkener,Edward 1861
The tabernacle of testimony in the wilderness Mudge,William 1861
Der biblische Bericht Popper,Julius 1862
L'enciente du Haram-Ech-Cherif et le temple de Salomon a Jerusalem Bertrand,Alexandre 1863
Note sur le temple de Jerusalem de Vogue,Melchoir 1863
Le Temple de Jerusalem--opinion de M. De Vogiie Bertrand,Alexandre 1864
Le Temple de Jerusalem de Vogue,Melchoir 1864
The Jewish tabernacle and its furniture: in their typical teachings Newton,Richard 1864
Le Temple de J Vogue, Charles Jean Melchoir de 1864
Herod's Temple Fergusson,James 1865
Das Priesterthum des alten Bundes K 1866
Das Haram von Jerusalem und der Tempelplatz des Moria: eine Untersuchung Rosen,Georg 1866
On the Gate Beautiful of the Temple Prescott,J. E. 1867
Church embroidery, ancient and modern Dolby,Anastasia Marice 1867
The Land of Moriah Wolcott,S. 1868
Church vestments: their origin use, and ornament Dolby,Anastasia 1868
Robinson's Arch Simpson,W. 1869-70
Lieutenant Warren on 'The Temple of Herod, 'Athen??m'. Warren,Charles January 1 to March 31, 1869
Abydos, description des fouilles ex Mariette,Fran??ois Auguste Ferdinand 1869-1880
The Temple of Herod Warren,Charles 1869
Symbolism of Solomon's Temple Mackey,Albert G. 1869
Der Duemichen,Johannes 1869
Dendarah: Description genirale du grand Temple de cette ville Mariette,Auguste 1870-73
The Temples of C Warren,Charles January 1???March 31, 1870
Bau und Maasse des Tempels von Edfu Brugsch,H. 1870; 1871; 1872
Bau und Maasse des Tempels von Edfu Brugsch,H. 1870
Solomon's temple: including the tabernacle Paine,Timothy Otis 1870
The Jewish temple and the Christian church : a series of discourses on the Epistle to the Hebrews Dale,R. W. 1870