Studies in Mormon History

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"Feed My Sheep" Pioneer of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Korea : Dr Kim, Ho Jik's Lifetime and Achievements The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 2002 Book
"On Being Human" : The Legacy William A. Wilson Schoemaker, George H. 2004 Book Chapter
"Proving Contraries" : A Collection of Writings in Honor of Eugene England Rees, Robert A. 2005 Book 5
'Seek First the Kingdom of God . . .' Hinckley, Gordon B. 1950 Journal Article
A Doorkeeper in the House of the Lord Welch, John W. 1990 Book Chapter
A Man of His Time and Place : An Appreciation of Armand Mauss and the California Mormons Bushman, Claudia L. 2016 Book Chapter 1
A Portrait of the Minister as a Converted Man Smith, LeGrande W. 1994 Journal Article
A Prophet for All the World : Glimpses into the Life of President Spencer W. Kimball Heslop, J. Melan, Larsen, Lance E., Van Orden, Dell R. 1985 Journal Article
A Servant of God : A Story of Jack Sing Kong Bell, Kuulei 1992 Book Chapter
Albert E. Bowen : A Lesson from One Man's Life Evans, Richard L. 1952 Journal Article
Antone B. Prince : Washington County Sheriff, 1936-1954 Prince, Stephen L. 2014 Book Chapter
Arnold Friberg : A Master's Touch Osborne, Steve 1984 Journal Article
Art to Edify : The Work of Avard T. Fairbanks Woolley, Athelia T. 1987 Journal Article
B.Y.U. President Ernest L. Wilkinson . . . One of Us Clark, Harold Glen 1951 Journal Article
Before the Blood Tribunal : A Compelling True Story of Three LDS Teens' Fight for Freedom Wobbe, Rudi 1992 Book 1
Benson, Ezra Taft Benson, Reed A., Dew, Sheri L. 1992 Encyclopedia Article 1
Biographical Essays on Four General Authorities of the Twentieth Century : Charles A. Callis, Albert E. Bowen, Adam S. Bennion, and Matthew Cowley Dryden, David 1976 Report 1
Boyd K. Packer of the Council of the Twelve Todd, Jay M. 1970 Journal Article
Bruce R. McConkie : A Family Portrait Dew, Sheri L. 1986 Journal Article
Charles Derry : A Palimpsestic View Hills, Norma Derry 1984 Journal Article 3 2
Charles Redd : Profile of a Renaissance Man as a Rancher Young, Karl E. 1975 Book Chapter
Claude T. Barnes, Utah Naturalist Bitton, Davis 1981 Journal Article
D. Arthur Haycock : Aide to Four Prophets Walsh, Jack 1984 Journal Article
Dallin H. Oaks : The Disciplined Edge Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1981 Journal Article
Dallin Oaks : From BYU To Capitol Hill Head, Derin Lea 1982 Journal Article
David M. Kennedy : Ambassador for the Kingdom Burnett, M. Dallas 1986 Journal Article
David O. McKay Allen, James B. 1994 Encyclopedia Article
Delbert L. Stapley Kimball, Spencer W. 1962 Journal Article
Delbert Leon Stapley : An Apostle of the Lord Kimball, Spencer W. 1950 Journal Article
Desert, Brush, and Oil : A Portrait of LeConte Stewart Davis, Robert O. 1985 Journal Article 1
DNA Mormon : D. Michael Quinn Anderson, Lavina Fielding 2002 Book Chapter 5
Dynamic Disciples, Prophets of God : Life Stories of the Presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Gibbons, Francis M. 1996 Book 5
Elder Boyd K. Packer : Disciple of the Master Teacher Searle, Don. L. 1986 Journal Article 1
Elder David A. Bednar : Going Forward in the Strength of the Lord Eyring, Henry B. 2005 Journal Article
Elder David B. Haight : Joy in Lifting Others Poelman, Ronald E. 1986 Journal Article
Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf : On to New Horizons Holland, Jeffrey R. 2005 Journal Article
Elder George Lee : 'I Owe Every Opportunity to the Lord' Cummins, Lawrence E. 1975 Journal Article 1
Elder Henry B. Eyring : Molded by 'Defining Influences' Lund, Gerald N. 1995 Journal Article
Elder James E. Faust : Sharing His Love for the Lord Bangerter, William Grant 1986 Journal Article
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Searle, Don L. 1994 Journal Article
Elder Joseph Anderson England, Breck 1983 Journal Article
Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin : Finding Happiness Serving the Lord Searle, Don L. 1986 Journal Article
Elder L. Tom Perry : Serving with Enthusiasm Dunn, Loren C. 1986 Journal Article
Elder L. Tom Perry of the Council of the Twelve Perry, Lee 1975 Journal Article
Elder M. Russell Ballard : True to the Faith Lubeck, Kathleen 1986 Journal Article
Elder Marvin J. Ashton : Friend to Prisoners and Prophets England, Breck 1986 Journal Article
Elder Neal A. Maxwell : An Understanding Heart Hafen, Bruce C. 1982 Journal Article 1
Elder Neal A. Maxwell : Pursuing 'A More Excellent Way' Eyring, Henry B. 1987 Journal Article 1
Elder Neil L. Anderson : Man of Faith Christofferson, D. Todd 2009 Journal Article
Elder Paul Dunn Proctor, Maurine Jensen 1981 Journal Article