Studies in Mormon History

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A Biographical History of Mahonri M. Young, A Western American Artist Hinton, Wayne K. 1974 Dissertation 2
A Biography of George Albert Smith, 1870 to 1951 Stubbs, Glen R. 1974 Dissertation 2
A Political Biography of George Henry Dern Wells, Robert W., Jr. 1971 Dissertation 10
Adam Samuel Bennion, Educator, Businessman, and Apostle Braithwaite, John Andrew 1965 Dissertation 1
Anthony C. Lund, Musician, with Special Reference to his Teaching and Choral Directing Roberts, Benjamin Mark 1952 Dissertation 2
Arnold Friberg, Artist : His Life, His Philosophy and His Works Andersen, Velan Max 1970 Dissertation 1
Brigham Cecil Gates : Composer, Director, Teacher of Music Smith, Lyneer Charles 1952 Dissertation 1 2
From Babylon to Zion : The Life of William McLachlan, a British Convert to the Mormon Church McLachlan, Winifred Morse 1986 Dissertation 1
George Edward Percy Careless, His Contributions to the Musical Culture of Utah and the Significance of His Life and Works Putnam, Howard Hoggan 1957 Dissertation 4
In Memorium, Dr. William J. Snow Utah State Historical Society 1947 Journal Article 1
John J. McClellan, Tabernacle Organist Compton, Annie Rosella 1951 Dissertation 2
John Mills Whitaker : Diarist, Educator, Churchman Pedersen, Lyman C., Jr. 1960 Dissertation
John Nock Hinton : The Reconstructed Life of an English Born Mormon Convert of Virgin City, Utah Meeks, Lenora Atkin 1987 Dissertation
Joseph J. Daynes, First Tabernacle Organist : His Contributions to the Musical Culture of Utah and the Significance of His Life and Works Overson, Marion Peter 1954 Dissertation 2
Joseph L. Rawlins : Father of Utah's Statehood Harrow, Joan Ray 1973 Dissertation 1
Later Leaves of the Life of Lorenzo Snow, President of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Whitney, Orson F. 1890 Report
Mahonri Mackintosh Young, Printmaker Yonemori, Shirley Kazuko 1963 Dissertation
Mahonri Young : His Life and Sculpture Toone, Thomas E. 1982 Dissertation
Orson F. Whitney, Mormon Writer Thomson, Woodruff Christian 1949 Dissertation 1
Parley P. Christensen, a Political Biography, 1869-1954 Sillito, John R. 1977 Dissertation 1
Reed Smoot : 'Utah's Most Distinguished Native Citizen'; Thomas Jefferson : A Study of an Opportunist in Practice Waldron, Carolyn Jean 1968 Dissertation
Reed Smoot, Apostle in Politics Merrill, Milton R. 1950 Dissertation 11
Reed Smoot, Senator from Utah Smith, Maude E. 1934 Dissertation 2
Simon Bamberger, A Jew in a Mormon Commonwealth Morn, Frank Thomas 1966 Dissertation 3
The Life and Accomplishments of Lisle Bradford Stewart, Marilyn 1957 Dissertation 1
The Life and Art of James Taylor Harwood South, William R. 1986 Dissertation
The Life and Contributions of Evan Stephens Johnson, Dale A. 1952 Dissertation 2
The Life and Educational Contributions of James Edward Talmage Wilson, Grant Larsen 1958 Dissertation
The Life and Educational Contributions of John Andreas Widtsoe Parkinson, Raymond Bramwell 1955 Dissertation
The Life and Works of Charles John Thomas : His Contribution to the Music History of Utah Purdy, William E. 1949 Dissertation 4
The Life of Brigadier General Richard W. Young Murray, Louis Paul 1959 Dissertation 1
The Life of Edward James Wood, Church Patriot Tagg, Melvin S. 1959 Dissertation 6
The Life of Thomas Kearns Larsen, Kent Sheldon 1964 Dissertation 6
The Life, Philosophy and Educational Contributions of Milton Bennion Beckstead, Reed Holt 1954 Dissertation
Results 1–34 of 34