Studies in Mormon History

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Pacifism and Mormonism : A Study in Ambiguity Underwood, Grant 1997 Book Chapter 2
A Tale of Two Smiths : Joseph Smith, Elias Smith, and God's Great Work of Salvation Sederholm, Carl Hinckley 2000 Book Chapter
'The Lord Said, Thy Wife Is a Very Fair Woman to Look Upon' : The Book of Abraham, Secrets, and Lying for the Lord Staker, Susan 1999 Book Chapter 5
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The God of Joseph Smith McConkie, Joseph Fielding 1995 Book Chapter 1
Words of Comfort : Funeral Sermons of the Prophet Joseph Smith Cannon, Donald Q. 2000 Book Chapter 3
'A New and Everlasting Covenant' : An Approach to the Theology of Joseph Smith Alexander, Thomas G. 1987 Book Chapter 5
Ye Are (or Ought to Be) My Friends : Weighed in the Balance by the Prophet Joseph Smith Boone, David F. 1995 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith on Modern Science Benson, Alvin K. 1993 Book Chapter
Grace and Works in Martin Luther and Joseph Smith Dillenberger, John 1978 Book Chapter 1
How Could a Prophet Believe in Moonmen? Hale, Van 1990 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith in the Current Age Bushman, Richard L. 1993 Book Chapter 1
Salvation in the Theology of Joseph Smith Buerger, David John 1989 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith's Distinct Contribution to an Understanding of Christ Backman, Milton V., Jr. 1962 Book Chapter
Doctrinal Teachings in Nauvoo : A Two-edged Sword Dahl, Larry E. 1995 Book Chapter
"Every Man Walketh in His Own Way" : Indivualism, Revelation, and Authority in the Ohio Period Harper, Steven C. 2006 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith and the Past Welch, John W. 2006 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith Challenges the Theological World Paulsen, David L. 2006 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith's Theological Challenges : From Revelation and Authority to Metaphysics Mouw, Richard J. 2006 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith's Christology : After Two Hundred years Millet, Robert L. 2006 Book Chapter 1
The Metaphysical Joseph Smith Albanese, Catherine L. 2009 Book Chapter
Teachings of John Calvin, John Wesley, and Joseph Smith on the Fall Fear, Michael J. 2005 Book Chapter
Of a More Divine Origin : Joseph Smith's Teaching on the Nature and Fatherhood of God Bills, Joshua 2003 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith and the Restoration of Temple Service Cowan, Richard O. 2005 Book Chapter 1
"Something Better" for the Sisters : Joseph Smith and the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo Derr, Jill Mulvay, Madsen, Carol Cornwall 2005 Book Chapter 3
"Now This Caused Us to Marvel" : The Breadth of God's Heaven and the Depth of His Mercy Dorius, Guy L. 2005 Book Chapter
Elijah's Mission, Message, and Milestones of Development in Family History and Temple Work Doxey, Cynthia 2005 Book Chapter 1
Salvation of Little Children : Comforting Doctrine Restored Hansen, J. Peter 2005 Book Chapter
"The Established Order of the Kingdom of God" Matthews, Robert J. 2005 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith on the Body as a Fallen or Blessed Vessel McKinlay, Daniel B. 2005 Book Chapter
The Coming Forth of the Book of Abraham Wilcox, Matthew Porter 2009 Book Chapter
Development of the Understanding of the Postmortal Spirit World Stuart, Joseph 2013 Book Chapter
"For Their Salvation Is Necessary and Essential to Our Salvation" : Joseph Smith and the Practice of Baptism and Confirmation for the Dead Baugh, Alexander L. 2015 Book Chapter 1
The Promises Made to and the Right Belonging to the Fathers Ostler, Craig James 2015 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith's Awareness of Greek and Latin Welch, John W. 2015 Book Chapter 1
Raising the Dead : Mormons, Evangelicals, and Miracles in America Bowman, Matthew 2011 Book Chapter
Singular Phenomena : The Evolving Mormon Interpretation of Unidentified Flying Objects Van Wagenen, Michael Scott 2011 Book Chapter
This Generation Shall Have My Word Through You McConkie, Bruce R 1984 Book Chapter 1
Divine Embodiment : The Earliest Christian Understanding of God Paulsen, David L. 2005 Book Chapter 3
Lost Teachings of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and Other Church Leaders Dirkmaat, Gerrit John 2017 Book Chapter
The Gathering : Revelation and Adaptation Rasmussen, Matthew Lyman 2016 Book Chapter 12
Joseph Smith's Sermons and the Early Mormon Documentary Record Smith, William V. 2018 Book Chapter
Brigham Young : Ambivalent Polygamist Smith, George D. 2013 Book Chapter
The Messiah and Prophet Puzzle : Explaining Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith Nay, Lyndsey, Welch, John W. 2012 Book Chapter
The Latter-day Saint View of Human Nature Madsen, Truman G. 2004 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith and the Historicity of the Book of Mormon Jackson, Kent P. 2001 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith and Agency Cannon, Donald Q. 2007 Book Chapter
A Study of Some Representative Concepts of a Finite God in Contemporary American Philosophy with Application to the God Concepts of the Utah Mormons Tickemyer, Garland E. 1954 Dissertation 1
The World and Joseph Smith Ward, Lane D. 1980 Dissertation 12