Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The Gospel in Action Romney, Thomas C. 1949 Book 3
Life Sketches of Orson Spencer and Others, and History of Primary Work Rogers, Aurelia Spencer 1898 Book 17
Devoted Empire Builders (Pioneers of St. George) Hafen, Arthur K. 1969 Book 1
Prophets and Patriarchs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Cowley, Matthias F. 1902 Book 2
Stories of Our Ancestors Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Utah North Company 1992 Book
Lives of Our Leaders : Character Sketches of Living Presidents and Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1901 Book 5
Theirs is the Kingdom Ashton, Wendell J. 1945 Book 6
Brigham Young : American Moses Arrington, Leonard J. 1986 Book 156 244
The Autobiography of Hosea Stout Stout, Hosea 2009 Book 2 10
Southern Paiute Relations With Their Early Dixie Mormon Neighbors Lyman, Edward Leo 2010 Book
Lorenzo Snow Swinton, Heidi S. 1986 Book Chapter 1
John Taylor Smith, Paul Thomas 1986 Book Chapter 1
John Welch : A Pioneer in Paradise, Utah Welch, John W. 1999 Book Chapter 1
Brigham H. Roberts Madsen, Truman G. 1976 Book Chapter
President John Taylor : A Latter-day Saint Legacy of Liberty Melville, J. Keith 1964 Book Chapter
Wilford Woodruff Jessee, Dean C. 1986 Book Chapter 3
B. H. Roberts : Historian and Theologian McMurrin, Sterling M. 1990 Book Chapter 1
Elijah F. Sheets : The Half-century Bishop Pace, D. Gene 1985 Book Chapter
Andrew Jenson : Zealous Chronologist Perkins, Keith W. 1985 Book Chapter 1
John Lyon : Poet for the Lord Lyon, Thomas E. 1985 Book Chapter
Ola Nilsson Liljenquist and His Cooperative City Mulder, William 1948 Book Chapter
Joseph F. Smith Kenney, Scott G. 1986 Book Chapter 3
Edward Hunter : Pioneer Presiding Bishop Hartley, William G. 1985 Book Chapter 1
Orson Hyde : Eine kurze Biographie Cannon, Donald Q. 1992 Book Chapter
The Life and Contributions of Elder Orson Hyde--'The Olive Branch of Israel' Barron, Howard H. 1977 Book Chapter
Bard of Utah's Dixie : Charles Lowell Walker and His Verse Bitton, Davis 1994 Book Chapter
Angus M. Cannon : Pioneer, President, Patriarch Cannon, Donald Q. 1985 Book Chapter 1
Charley Walker, Dixie Pioneer Bitton, Davis 1980 Book Chapter
Truman O. Angell : Architect and Saint Anderson, Paul L. 1985 Book Chapter 2
Jacob Spori : Nineteenth-Century Swiss Missionary, Educator, and Kingdom Builder Christianson, James R. 1985 Book Chapter
George Q. Cannon : A Look at a Giant Baldridge, Kenneth W. 1989 Book Chapter
Brigham Young Arrington, Leonard J. 1986 Book Chapter
From a Seion of Lands to the Land of Zion : The Life of David Bevan Jones Davies, D. L. 1989 Book Chapter
Fifty Years Building Utah : Joseph Horne's Pioneering Contributions Arrington, Harriet Horne 1999 Book Chapter 1
Anthon L. Skanchy Skanchy, Anthon L. 1915 Journal Article
Pioneer Journals Slusser, Alice K. 1989 Journal Article
Journal and Diary of Albert King Thurber Thurber, Albert King, 1826-1888 1954 Journal Article 2
Pioneer Autobiographies Slusser, Alice K. 1991 Journal Article 1
An Early Journal and Diaries Olsen, Emma R., Slusser, Alice K. 1992 Journal Article
Pioneer Journals Slusser, Alice K. 1990 Journal Article
Autobiography of Hosea Stout, 1810 to 1835 Stout, Hosea 1962 Journal Article 7 15
Journal of George Cannon Lambert Lambert, George Cannon 1948 Journal Article 3
Autobiography of John Lingren Lingren, John 1952 Journal Article 2
Rugged Men of the West Malouf, Beatrice B., Olsen, Emma R. 1995 Journal Article
Trunks, Chests and Boxes Carter, Kate B. 1976 Journal Article
True to the Faith Carter, Kate B. 1972 Journal Article
William Wood--Pioneer Carter, Kate B. 1970 Journal Article 3
That They May Be Remembered Carter, Kate B. 1975 Journal Article 1
Ten Autobiographies Carter, Kate B. 1969 Journal Article 2
Almon Whiting Babbitt Carter, Kate B. 1968 Journal Article