Studies in Mormon History

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The Struggle for Expression : A Study of Mormon Literature Cameron, Scott 1970 Dissertation
A Survey of Mormon Literary Criticism Douglas, Colin B. 1978 Dissertation
Toward a More Perfect Order within : Being the Confession of an Unregenerate but Not Unrepentant Mistruster of Mormon Literature Clark, Marden J. 1983 Journal Article
'[Almost] All is Well' : Thematic Sophistication as an Index of Quality in LDS Student Stories Bell, Elouise M. 1983 Journal Article
Mormon Letters--The Other Kind Bates, Irene M. 1984 Journal Article
Mormon Poetry Now! : The State of the Art Clark, Dennis 1985 Journal Article 1
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Toward a Theory of Literary Value : The Necessity of Bearing Personal Testimony Clark, Harlow S. 1994 Journal Article
The Function of Mormon Literary Criticism at the Present Time Austin, Michael 1995 Journal Article 4 16
The Deseret Book Book : Lindsey Phillip Dew, Jack Weyland, and Carroll Hofeling Morris Clark, Harlow S. 1995 Journal Article
Feeding Stories to the Lion Clark, Harlow S. 1997 Journal Article
Believing in the Word Monson, Dian Saderup 2000 Journal Article 1
Is Twilight Mormon? Schwartzman, Sarah 2010 Book Chapter
The Story of Judah and Tamar Spackman, T. Benjamin 2010 Journal Article 1 1
Elder Price Superstar : The Book of Mormon, Current Broadway Musical Hicks, Michael D. 2011 Journal Article 2
Beyond Missionary Stories : Voicing the Transnational Mormon Experience Hales, Scott 2012 Journal Article
"As much as Any Novelist Could Ask": Mormons in American Popular Fiction Austin, Michael 2013 Book 4 9
Toward a Mormon Literary Theory Harrell, Jack 2014 Journal Article 22
Writing Ourselves : Essays on Creativity, Craft, and Mormonism Harrell, Jack 2016 Book
As Iron Sharpens Iron : Listening to the Various Voices of Scripture Smith, Julie Marie 2016 Book
'How Long Can Rolling Waters Remain Impure?' : Literary Aspects of the Doctrine and Covenants Rust, Richard Dilworth 2017 Journal Article 8
Results 1–21 of 21