Studies in Mormon History

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Missionary Moments : Inspiring Conversion Stories Stoker, Kevin 1989 Book
We'll Bring the World His Truth : Missionary Adventures from Around the World Hughes, Dean, Hughes, Tom 1995 Book
Paul and the Expansion of the Church Today Firmage, Edwin B. 1975 Book
The Church in the Mission Field Jenson, Andrew 1920 Journal Article
Pathogens, Parasites, and Proselyting : The Medical Advisory Committee Enhances the Health of the Missionaries Cranney, Charles D. 1990 Journal Article
The Internationalization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Morris, Brad 1972 Report
Global Challenges of Diversity from a Missionary Perspective Butler, David C. 1996 Book Chapter
Sharing the Gospel in a Global Setting Wickman, Lance B. 2008 Book Chapter
Proclaiming the Message : A Comparison of Mormon Missionary Strategy with Other Mainstream Christian Missions Glad, Johnnie 2009 Journal Article 12
International Mission Cannon, Edwin Q., Jr. 2000 Encyclopedia Article
Spanish-American Mission Cowan, Richard O. 2000 Encyclopedia Article
Zion's Trumpet : 1853 Welsh Mormon Periodical Dennis, Ronald D. 2014 Book
Predik alle volken de Geschiedenis Van De Kerk Van Jezus Christus Van De Heiligen Der Laatste Dagen in Nederland Vreven, A. A. 2012 Book
Freedom of Religion and the First Civil Marriage in Iceland Pórhallsson, Markús 2016 Journal Article
The First Three Icelanders to Settle in North America Bjarnason, Kári, Woods, Fred E. 2016 Journal Article 12
Zion's Fountains Crosby, Wayne D., Neilson, Reid L. 2018 Book Chapter
Mormon Mission Work Neilson, Reid L. 2015 Book Chapter
Pioneer Spirit : Modern-day Stories of Courage and Conviction Swinton, Heidi S. 1996 Book 1
Language Challenges Facing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Preaching the Gospel to Every Nation Shields, L. Grant 1976 Dissertation 1
The Patterns and Process of Growth Moss, James R. 1980 Book Chapter 1
Organizing the Church in Afghanistan Alford, Kenneth L. 2016 Book Chapter 1
Expanding Research for the Expanding International Church Decoo, Wilfried 2016 Book Chapter 1 85
The LDS Church in Taiwan : The First Three Years Hilton, John, III 2016 Journal Article 1 3
Our Lady Missionaries McKay, David O. 1921 Journal Article 1
Voice of the Saints in Taiwan Chou, Petra
, Chou, Po Nien (Felipe)
2017 Book 1 19
International Magazines Kelly, Brian 1992 Encyclopedia Article 1 1
"War and Confusion in Babylon" : Mormon Reaction to German Unification, 1864—80 Jones, Zachary R. 2011 Journal Article 1 17
A Declaration to the World Hinckley, Gordon B. 1987 Journal Article 1 2
By All Means : The Boldness of the Mormon Missionary Enterprise Britsch, R. Lanier 2012 Book Chapter 1
From Footholds to Strongholds : Spreading the Gospel Worldwide Cowan, Richard O. 1993 Journal Article 2
The Worldwide Evacuation of Latter-day Saint Missionaries at the Beginning of World War II Boone, David F. 1981 Dissertation 2
The "Wild West" of Missionary Work : Reopening the Italian Mission, 1965-71 Toronto, James A. 2014 Journal Article 2 14
Shifting Focus to Global Mormonism : The LDS Church in India Rutherford, Taunalyn 2016 Book Chapter 2
History of the Church in Taiwan in the 1970s Chou, Po Nien (Felipe) 2016 Book Chapter 2
Latter-day Saint Returned Missionaries in the United States : A Survey on Religious Activity and Postmission Adjustment Chadwick, Bruce A., McClendon, Richard J. 2004 Journal Article 2 8
"Spreading the Banner of Truth": A Century of RLDS Missionary Effort in Scandinavia Spillman, W. B. 1987 Journal Article 2 4
Early Mormon Imprints in South Africa Whittaker, David J. 1980 Journal Article 2 4
The Living Church Andersen, Wilson K., Cowan, Richard O. 1974 Book 3
The Worldwide Reach of Mormonism Goodman, Michael A. 2015 Journal Article 3
Les Mormons Etourneau, M. 1856 Book 4
Historical Development of International Mormonism Arrington, Leonard J. 1987 Journal Article 6
Global Mormonism in the 21st Century Neilson, Reid L. 2008 Book 6
Expanding LDS Church Abroad : Old Realities Compounded Jones, Garth N. 1980 Journal Article 7 8
Nothing More Heroic : the Compelling Story of the First Latter-Day Saint Missionaries in India Britsch, R. Lanier 1999 Book 7
The Expanding Church Palmer, Spencer J. 1978 Book 18
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