Studies in Mormon History

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Hawaiian Mission, 1904-1908. From the Diaries of Lorenzo Taylor Taylor, Lorenzo, 1885-1970 1990 Book
A Call to Russia : Glimpses of Missionary Life Rogers, Thomas F. 1999 Book
Jack Anderson : Mormon Crusader in Gomorrah Gibbons, Francis M. 2003 Book
Wending Our Way : A History of Mormonism in Kokomo and Howard County, 1846-1999 Joray, Charles N. 1999 Book
John Charles Hall - Mission Journal 1852-1857; and Other Items Hall, John Charles 1979 Book
Missionary Journal of Edward Cliff, New Zealand Mission : 1885-1887 Cliff, Edward 1997 Book
A Unique Historical and Doctrinal Index to the Journal of Discourses Buerger, David John 1980 Book
The Yager Journals : Diary of a Journey across the Plains Yager, James Pressley 1970 Journal Article
Allen Dahl Young : The Diary of a Prisoner of War Young, Allen Dahl, 1920-, Young, Allen Dahl, 1920- 1998 Journal Article
Journal of James Starley Starley, James, 1817-1914 1941 Journal Article
The 1845 Diary of Claudius Victor Spencer Spencer, Claudius V. 1997 Journal Article
From Haarlem to Hoboken : Pages from a Dutch Mormon Immigrant Diary Mulder, Foekje (Fannie) Visser, 1891-1977 1996 Journal Article
Eliza Maria Partridge Lyman Lyman, Eliza Maria Partridge, 1820-1886 1953 Journal Article
John Alexander Jost's 1855 Diary of His Flight from Halifax to Zion Jost, John Alexander, 1811-1905 1996 Journal Article
Law and Order in Early Utah Harris, Isabelle Maria, 1861-1938, Malouf, Beatrice B. 1990 Journal Article
Journalism in Pioneer Days Carter, Kate B. 1944 Journal Article
Goodridge-Goodrich Family Story Carter, Kate B., Goodridge, Penelope Randall Gardner, 1794-1875, Goodridge, Sophia Lois, 1826-1903, Hardy, Sophia, Lois Goodridge, 1826-1903 1972 Journal Article
Eliza R. Snow--Pioneer, 1847 Carter, Kate B., Snow, Eliza R. 1974 Journal Article
'Many Wanted to Know Which Was Mr. Bigler' : Henry Bigler's Account of the 1898 California Golden Jubilee Bigler, Henry William, 1815-1900 1990 Journal Article
Jean Rio Baker . . . . Baker, Jean Rio Griffiths, 1810-1883 1994 Journal Article
George Washington Sevy--Colonizer Lyman, Platte Dealton, 1848-1901 1973 Journal Article
Journal and Diary of Robert Gardner Gardner, Robert Jr., 1819-1906 1949 Journal Article
The Pioneer Mormon Missionary : Including Missionary Journal of Wm. F. Carter Carter, Kate B. 1943 Journal Article
Charles A. Scott's Diary and Letters Written by Elizabeth Cumming Cumming, Elizabeth, Scott, Charles A., 1830-1907 1996 Journal Article
And They Were Healed Carter, Kate B. 1959 Journal Article
The Journal of William Clayton Clayton, William 1945 Journal Article
Benjamin Thomas Clark--Caroline Barnes Crosby Clark, Benjamin Thomas, 1799-1867, Daughters of Utah Pioneers Lesson Committee 1988 Journal Article
The Utah War 1857-58 Carter, Kate B. 1958 Journal Article
Hilda Erickson--Pioneer Erickson, Hilda, 1859-1968 1963 Journal Article
Three Important Manuscripts Sharp, Francis, 1834-1891 1968 Journal Article
Stories of Long Ago Carter, Kate B. 1958 Journal Article
John Crook's Journal Crook, John 1933 Journal Article
Two Important Journals Kilgore, William H., 1818-1858, Openshaw, Samuel, 1833-1904 1981 Journal Article
Pioneer Journal : A Mission to the Ute Indians Sterrett, William Wilson 1993 Journal Article
Louisa L. Greene Richards, Utah's Pioneer Woman Journalist Wells, Emmeline B. 1891 Journal Article
On To the Far East : From the Diary of Levi Savage Jr. Savage, Levi, Jr., 1820-1910 1948 Journal Article
Extracts from Letters and Journals of Oscar Winters Winters, Oscar 1933 Journal Article
Experiences in the Life of President Wilford Woodruff Woodruff, Abraham O. 1900 Journal Article
Westward with the Saints : Excerpts from the Hitherto Unpublished Journal of Horace K. Whitney, 1847 Whitney, Horace K. 1947 Journal Article
Heber C. Kimball's Journal Kimball, Heber Chase, 1801-1868 1876 Journal Article
President Heber C. Kimball's Journal Kimball, Heber Chase, 1801-1868 1883 Journal Article
Synoptic Minutes of a Quarterly Conference of the Twelve Apostles : The Clawson and Lund Diaries of July 9-11, 1901 Clawson, Rudger, Larson, Stan 1988 Journal Article 19
My Fifty Years in Journalism Pusey, Merlo J. 1977 Journal Article
A Mormon Wife -- The Life Story of Augusta Winters Grant Judd, Mary Grant 1946 Journal Article
Conversion and Testimony of the Late President C. N. Lund Lund, C. N. 1921 Journal Article
Papers and Periodicals Jenson, Andrew 1889 Journal Article
Without Purse or Scrip : A Missionary in the Territory Kirby, Dale Z. 1982 Journal Article
Teen-Age Pioneer : The Adventures of Margaret Judd Clawson Irving, Gordon 1974 Journal Article
At the Huntington : The Overland Diaries of Eliza R. Snow Beecher, Maureen Ursenbach 1984 Journal Article
The Diary of Randall Fuller Fuller, Randall, 1823-1901 1988 Journal Article