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It Is OK Not to Have Every Answer : The Book of Mormon Onomastic Ending -(i)hah Hoskisson, Paul Y. 2009 Journal Article 1
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The Zoramite Separation : A Sociological Perspective Johnson, Sherrie Mills 2005 Journal Article 3
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"I Will Contend with Them That Contendeth with Thee" : The Divine Warrior in Jacob's Speech of 2 Nephi 6-10 Belnap, Daniel 2008 Journal Article 1
A Tale of Three Communities : Jerusalem, Elephantine, and Lehi-Nephi Ludlow, Jared W. 2007 Journal Article
Service and Temple in King Benjamin's Speech Parry, Donald W. 2007 Journal Article 1
Liahona : 'The Direction of the Lord' : An Etymological Explanation Curci, Jonathan 2007 Journal Article 6
Straightening Things Out : The Use of Strait and Straight in the Book of Mormon Hoskisson, Paul Y. 2003 Journal Article 3
Seeking Joseph Smith's Voice Barney, Kevin L. 2006 Journal Article 5
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Does the Book of Mormon Reflect an Ancient Near Eastern Background? Finley, Thomas J. 2002 Book Chapter
Textual Consistency Welch, John W. 1992 Book Chapter
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