Studies in Mormon History

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The Illustrated Story of President Joseph Smith Rasmussen, Della Mae 1982 Book
The Illustrated Story of President Brigham Young Rasmussen, Della Mae 1982 Book
The Illustrated Story of President Lorenzo Snow Hulme, Joy N. 1982 Book
The Illustrated Story of President Wilford Woodruff Hullinger, Annette C. 1982 Book
The Illustrated Story of President John Taylor Rasmussen, Della Mae 1982 Book
Stories from the Life of Joseph Smith Littke, Lael, Turley, Richard E., Jr. 2003 Book
Uncle of the Prophet : The Life and Achievements of John Smith Schwendiman, Jeremy C. 2016 Book
Yours Sincerely, John M. Macfarlane Macfarlane, L.W. 1980 Book
John E. Davis (William H. Norman)--A Galvanized Yankee in Utah Alford, Kenneth L. 2017 Journal Article 2
Searching for the Grave of British Missionary Isaac Russell Call, Michael D. 2019 Journal Article
James Jesse Strang : The Rise and Fall of Michigan's Mormon King Faber, Don 2016 Book
Joseph Smith, Democracy's Unknown Prophet Stewart, John J. 1960 Book 1
Amos Wright : The Adventures of Amos Wright, Mormon Frontiersman Wright, Geneva Ensign 1981 Book 1
A Biography of Ezra Thompson Clark Cherniak, Cetti , Cherniak, Cetti , Tanner, Annie Clark 1975 Book 1
The Mighty John Taylor Stout, Wayne D. 1977 Book 1
Story of Alexander Hale Smith Smith, Vida E. 1911 Book 1
Orrin Porter Rockwell, the Mormon Frontier Marshal Van Alfen, Nicholas 1964 Book 1
The Edge of the Cedars : The Story of Walter C. Lyman and the San Juan Mission Lyman, Albert R. 1966 Book 1
A Gift of Faith : Elias Hicks Blackburn Pioneer, Patriarch, and Healer Munson, Lillian S., Munson, Voyle L. 1991 Book 1
Emma and Joseph : Their Divine Mission Jones, Gracia N. 1999 Book 1
The Making of a Prophet Curtis, Lindsay R., Farber, Paul 1967 Book 1
Trumpeter of God : Fascinating True Stories of the Great Missionary and Colonizer, Milo Andrus Barrett, Ivan J. 1992 Book 1
The Man--Brigham Young Allen, James B. 1968 Book 1
Thomas Rhoads : The Wealthiest Morman [sic] Gold Miner Davies, J. Kenneth 1980 Book 1
The Life of Andrew Wood Cooley : A Story of Conviction Cooley, Everett L., Hyde, Myrtle Stevens 1991 Book 1
Willing Hands : A Biography of Lorenzo Hill Hatch, 1826-1910 Hatch, Jo Ann Finney 1996 Book 1
Henry William Bigler Bishop, M. Guy 1998 Book 1
Mads Nielsen, David og Marie i Guds eget land : en slg?tskrn?ike : fra Nordfyn til Elsinore i Utah Egdal, Margit 2000 Book 1
Joseph Smith, the Prophet Jenson, Andrew 1888 Journal Article 1
History of Abraham Hunsaker and His Family Haws, Gwen Hunsaker, Hunsaker, Q. Maurice 1957 Book 1
Brother Joseph : Seer of a New Dispensation Skousen, Richard N., Skousen, W. Cleon 2004 Book 1
Arza Adams : Chronicle of a Pioneer Adams, Arza, 1804-1899, Diarist 1982 Book 1
Lorin Farr : Mormon Statesman Black, Susan Easton, Farr, David J., Long, Amy Oaks 2007 Book 1
40 Ways to Look at Brigham Young : A New Approach to a Remarkable Man Orton, Chad M., Slaughter, William W. 2008 Book 1
Neither Saint Nor Scoundrel : Almon Whiting Babbitt - Territorial Secretary of Utah Varner, James L., Whitman, Omer (Greg) W. 2009 Book 1
Captain Alexander Fancher : Adventurer, Drover, Wagon Master and Victim of the Mountain Meadows Massacre Fancher, Burr 2006 Book 1
The Kings of the Kingdom : The Life of Thomas Rice King and His Family King, Larry R. 1999 Book 1
Keeper of the Prophet's Sword : Joseph Bates Noble, Bodyguard to the Prophet Joseph Smith, 1810-1900 Smith, Howard Carlos 2009 Book 1
"Firm and Steadfast in the Faith" : Patterson O'Banion and the Battle of Crooked River Metcalfe, Erin B. 2013 Journal Article 1 17
Another Kind of Gold : The Life of Albert King Thurber : A Utah Pioneer, Explorer and Community Builder Hartley, William G. 2011 Book 1
Chauncey W. West : Pioneer–Churchman West, Franklin L. Book 1
Orson Hyde : One of the First Council of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jerusalem, Nauvoo, Salt Lake City Hyde, Joseph Smith 1933 Book 1
The making of a frontier missionary : The early years of apostle William H. Kelley Kelley, Edmund G. 1980 Book 1
Curtis Edwin Bolton, Pioneer Missionary : History, Descendants and Ancestors Evans, Cleo H. 1968 Book 1
Benjamin F. Johnson : Friend to the Prophets LeBaron, E. Dale 1997 Book 1
An Autobiography of Peter Olsen Hansen, 1818-1895 : Mormon Convert and Pioneer Missionary, Translator of Book of Mormon Into Danish Ashby, Leland Hansen 1988 Book 1
Jesse Wentworth Crosby : Mormon Preacher, Pioneer, Man of God Crosby, Samuel W. 1977 Book 1
Valborg : An Autobiography of Valborg Rasmussen Wheelwright Wheelwright, Valborg Rasmussen 1978 Book 1
The Man Who Knew : Dramatic Biography of Martin Harris James, Rhett S. 1983 Book 1
Journal of Thales H. Haskell Brooks, Juanita 1944 Journal Article 1