Studies in Mormon History

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The Thread of Conversation : How Do Non-Mormon Individuals and Groups in Utah Maintain Their Cultural Identity? Gallab, Abdullahi A. 1998 Dissertation
Mothers and Goddesses : American Women in the Mormon Subculture Brewster, Pamela R. 1990 Dissertation
Terry Tempest Williams : Ecofeminist, storyteller, activist Barlow, Laurel Layton 2000 Dissertation
Relationship of Mormonism and mental health : A review of the literature (1923-1995) Judd, Daniel K. 1996 Journal Article
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Rise of Mormon Cultural History and the Changing Status of the Archive Spencer, Joseph M. 2011 Book
Mormons Under the Microscope : A Close-up Look at Latter-day Saint Beliefs Lauritsen, Ed, Naqvi, Zainab Batul 2010 Book
Home and Adventure : An LDS Contribution to the Virtues and Vices Tradition Tucker, Shawn R. 2012 Journal Article
"It's Wraylynn – With a W" : Distinctive Mormon Naming Practices Mansfield, Jennifer R. 2012 Dissertation
An Analysis and Strategy for Church Planting in the Context of a Mormon Culture McClain, David Harold 1999 Dissertation
Place attachment outside the Mormon culture region Petersen, Danielle 2004 Dissertation
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Dialogues With Myself Personal Essays on Mormon Experience England, Eugene 1984 Book
Glimpses of a Mormon Family Bennett, Frances Grant 1968 Book
Light-Mindedness versus Lightheartedness : Conflicting Conceptions of Laughter among Latter-day Saints Mahony, Diana L. 2003 Journal Article 1
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In Search of Mormon Identity : Mormon Culture, Gospel Culture, and an American Worldwide Church Decoo, Wilfried 2013 Journal Article 4 87
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