Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Reflections from Within : A Conversation with Linda King Newell and L. Jackson Newell Anderson, Lavina Fielding, Newell, Linda King 1987 Journal Article 3
From Haarlem to Hoboken : Pages from a Dutch Mormon Immigrant Diary Mulder, Foekje (Fannie) Visser, 1891-1977 1996 Journal Article
Eliza Maria Partridge Lyman Lyman, Eliza Maria Partridge, 1820-1886 1953 Journal Article
Diary of the Mormon Battalion Mission : John D. Lee Lee, John D. 1967 Journal Article 4
John Alexander Jost's 1855 Diary of His Flight from Halifax to Zion Jost, John Alexander, 1811-1905 1996 Journal Article
Law and Order in Early Utah Harris, Isabelle Maria, 1861-1938, Malouf, Beatrice B. 1990 Journal Article
Journal and Diary of William Marsden Marsden, William, 1814-1890 1951 Journal Article 2
Utah's Peace Advocate, the 'Mormona' : Elise Furer Musser Musser, Elise Furer, 1877-1967 1978 Journal Article 2
Journal of Mary Ann Weston Maughan Maughan, Mary Ann Weston 1959 Journal Article 10
A Mormon Mission to California in 1851 : From the Diary of Parley Parker Pratt Pratt, Parley P. 1935 Journal Article 5
John W. Hess, with the Mormon Battalion Hess, John W. 1931 Journal Article 4
The Prison Diary of William Jordan Flake Flake, William Jordan, 1839-1932 1983 Journal Article 3
The Private Journal of William Hyde Hyde, William, 1818-1874 1994 Journal Article 4
Journalism in Pioneer Days Carter, Kate B. 1944 Journal Article
The Mormon Ferry on the North Platte : The Journal of William A. Empey Empey, William A., 1808-1890 1949 Journal Article 5
London to Salt Lake City in 1866 : The Diary of William Driver Driver, William, 1837-c.1920 1942 Journal Article 1
Goodridge-Goodrich Family Story Carter, Kate B., Goodridge, Penelope Randall Gardner, 1794-1875, Goodridge, Sophia Lois, 1826-1903, Hardy, Sophia, Lois Goodridge, 1826-1903 1972 Journal Article
From the Mississippi To the Pacific : An Englishman in the Mormon Battalion Whitworth, Robert W. 1965 Journal Article 3
The Journal of Robert S. Bliss, with the Mormon Battalion Bliss, Robert Stanton, 1805-1851 1931 Journal Article 10
Eliza R. Snow--Pioneer, 1847 Carter, Kate B., Snow, Eliza R. 1974 Journal Article
'Many Wanted to Know Which Was Mr. Bigler' : Henry Bigler's Account of the 1898 California Golden Jubilee Bigler, Henry William, 1815-1900 1990 Journal Article
Jean Rio Baker . . . . Baker, Jean Rio Griffiths, 1810-1883 1994 Journal Article
George Washington Sevy--Colonizer Lyman, Platte Dealton, 1848-1901 1973 Journal Article
A Pioneer Journal, Forsgren Company Anonymous Diarist 1945 Journal Article 1
Journal and Diary of Robert Gardner Gardner, Robert Jr., 1819-1906 1949 Journal Article
Diary of Reddick Newton Allred Allred, Reddick N., 1822-1905 1956 Journal Article 1
The Journal of Joseph Smith Black Black, Joseph Smith 1967 Journal Article 2
The Pioneer Mormon Missionary : Including Missionary Journal of Wm. F. Carter Carter, Kate B. 1943 Journal Article
Charles A. Scott's Diary and Letters Written by Elizabeth Cumming Cumming, Elizabeth, Scott, Charles A., 1830-1907 1996 Journal Article
And They Were Healed Carter, Kate B. 1959 Journal Article
Extracts from the Journal of Henry W. Bigler Bigler, Henry William, 1815-1900 1993 Journal Article 8
The Journal of William Clayton Clayton, William 1945 Journal Article
Benjamin Thomas Clark--Caroline Barnes Crosby Clark, Benjamin Thomas, 1799-1867, Daughters of Utah Pioneers Lesson Committee 1988 Journal Article
The Utah War 1857-58 Carter, Kate B. 1958 Journal Article
The Journal of George W. Bean : Las Vegas Springs, New Mexico Territory, 1856-57 Bean, George W. 1972 Journal Article 1
Hilda Erickson--Pioneer Erickson, Hilda, 1859-1968 1963 Journal Article
Journal of Leonard E. Harrington Harrington, Leonard E., 1816-1883 1940 Journal Article 5
Three Important Manuscripts Sharp, Francis, 1834-1891 1968 Journal Article
Stories of Long Ago Carter, Kate B. 1958 Journal Article
John Crook's Journal Crook, John 1933 Journal Article
Two Important Journals Kilgore, William H., 1818-1858, Openshaw, Samuel, 1833-1904 1981 Journal Article
From the Journal and Diary of Isaiah Moses Coombs Coombs, Isaiah Moses 1958 Journal Article 1
Pioneer Journal : A Mission to the Ute Indians Sterrett, William Wilson 1993 Journal Article
Louisa L. Greene Richards, Utah's Pioneer Woman Journalist Wells, Emmeline B. 1891 Journal Article
On To the Far East : From the Diary of Levi Savage Jr. Savage, Levi, Jr., 1820-1910 1948 Journal Article
Sutter's Mormon Workmen at Natoma and Coloma in 1848 Bigler, Henry William, 1815-1900, Scott, Reva Lucile 1935 Journal Article 2
Extracts from Letters and Journals of Oscar Winters Winters, Oscar 1933 Journal Article
The Journal of Archer Walters Walters, Archer, 1809-1856 1937 Journal Article 3
The Wilford Woodruff Journals Zobell, Albert L., Jr. 1970 Journal Article 3
Voice in the Wilderness : The Diaries of Patty Sessions Sessions, Patty Bartlett, Willis, Elizabeth 1988 Journal Article 3