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Brigham Young on Education Clark, Bruce B. 1970 Book
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The Philosophy of Joseph Smith and Its Educational Implications Tickemyer, Garland E. 1963 Dissertation 1
Certain Basic Concepts in the Educational Philosophy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-1930 Rich, Wendell O. 1954 Dissertation 3
A History of Elementary School Teacher Training in Utah, 1850-1900 Sharp, Emma 1941 Dissertation
Educational Ideas and Practices of David O. McKay : 1880-1940 Woodger, Mary Jane 1997 Dissertation 2
The History of the State Board of Education in Utah with Particular Emphasis upon the Instructional Program Winget, Lerue 1962 Dissertation
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Latter-day Prophets and Present-day Curriculum Flinders, Neil J. 1963 Dissertation
The School and the People : The Higher Education Philosophy of John A. Widtsoe Barlow, Norman J. 1987 Dissertation
The Life, Philosophy and Educational Contributions of Milton Bennion Beckstead, Reed Holt 1954 Dissertation
An Extraordinary Influence : Church History in the Classroom Setting Black, Susan Easton 2004 Book Chapter
T. Edgar Lyon : Teaching LDS History by Faith and by Fact Lyon, Thomas E., Jr. 2004 Book Chapter
More Brigham Young on Education Nibley, Hugh W. 1976 Book Chapter
Mormonism and Secular Education Boyd, George T. 1979 Book Chapter
The Intents of Schooling in Western Culture and its Primary Antecedents : An Annotated Bibliography with Findings Bastian, Lewis M. 1988 Dissertation
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at Brigham Young University-Idaho : A Case of Rethinking Scholarship Williams, Greg K. 2004 Dissertation
The Evolving Mormon Education Richards, A. LeGrand 2008 Journal Article
An Outsider's Experience Teaching Mormon History in Utah Miller, Mark E. 2009 Journal Article
Mormons Study "Abroad" : Latter-day Saints in American Higher Education, 1870-1940 Simpon, Thomas Wendell 2005 Dissertation 2
What's So Bad about Polygamy? Teaching American Religious History in the Muslim Middle East Mason, Patrick Q. 2010 Journal Article
Teaching Under the Banner of Heaven : Testing the Limits of Tolerance in America Kolkmeyer, Kevin 2010 Book Chapter
Man of Holiness is His Name : A Character-Based Approach to Knowledge Among the Latter-day Saints Maxwell, Vera Lillian 1997 Dissertation
The Educational Philosophy and Pedagogical Practices of Eliza R. Snow Merica, Jolene 2011 Dissertation
History and Philosophy of Education in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Zito, Matthew C. 2008 Dissertation
Joseph F. Smith and the Shaping of the Modern Church Educational System Esplin, Scott C. 2013 Book Chapter
The Enhanced Lecture : An Effective Classroom Model Hopkin, Shon D., Huntington, Ray L. 2014 Journal Article
The Introduction of Philosophy into Early Christianity Graham, Daniel W., Siebach, James L. 2005 Book Chapter
The World is Our Campus : The History of the Division of Continuing Education at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 1875-1997 Henstrom, Richard H., Oakes, Keith Ronald 1997 Book 2
The Perpetual Education Fund Hinckley, Gordon B. 2001 Journal Article 3
Utah’s Public Schools : Problems, Controversies, and Achievements, 1945–2000 Allen, James B. 2009 Book Chapter 1
Recollections of David O. McKay's Educational Practices Woodger, Mary Jane 2003 Journal Article 1
Integrating BYU's Education in Zion Gallery into Campus Life Seferovich, Heather M. 2013 Journal Article 1
Educating the Saints--A Brigham Young Mosaic Nibley, Hugh W. 1970 Journal Article 7 2
Document Editing : Helping Students Quench Their Thirst Harper, Steven C. 2009 Journal Article 2
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Mormons Study "Abroad" : Brigham Young' Romance with American Higher Education, 1867-1877 Simpson, Thomas Wendell 2007 Journal Article 6 18
The Educational Views and Practices of Brigham Young Johnston, William James 1968 Dissertation 28
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