Studies in Mormon History

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A Biography of Ezra Thompson Clark Cherniak, Cetti , Cherniak, Cetti , Tanner, Annie Clark 1975 Book 1
The Mighty John Taylor Stout, Wayne D. 1977 Book 1
Reynolds Cahoon and His Stalwart Sons : Utah Pioneers Cahoon, Brent Farrington, Shurtleff, Stella Cahoon 1960 Book 7
England's First 'Mormon' Convert : The Biography of George Darling Watt Flack, Dora Dutson, Stringham, Ida Watt 1958 Book 3
Samuel Brannan and the Golden Fleece Scott, Reva Lucile 1944 Book 3
Story of Alexander Hale Smith Smith, Vida E. 1911 Book 1
King of Beaver Island : The Life and Assassination of James Jesse Strang Van Noord, Roger 1988 Book 38
Mormon Thunder : A Documentary History of Jedediah Morgan Grant Sessions, Gene A. 1982 Book 55
Albert Sidney Johnston : Soldier of Three Republics Roland, Charles P. 1964 Book 11
Thomas Grover : A Brief History Grover, Mark L. 2004 Book
Biography of John Daniel Thompson McAllister Weenig, Lucile McAllister 1980 Book
Orrin Porter Rockwell, the Mormon Frontier Marshal Van Alfen, Nicholas 1964 Book 1
The First Forty-Niner and the Story of the Golden Tea-Caddy Sherer, James A. B. 1925 Book 2
Tora Thurston : The History of a Norwegian Pioneer Thurston, Morris A. 1996 Book
Edward Partridge : The First Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Wixom, Hartt 1998 Book 4
A Biography of Parley P. Pratt, the Archer of Paradise Stanley, Reva Holdaway [Reva Lucile Scott] 1937 Book 18
Joseph Smith Remini, Robert V. 2002 Book 21
David W. Patten : Apostle and Martyr Whiting, Linda Shelley 2003 Book 2
Hyrum Smith : A Life of Integrity O' Driscoll, Jeffrey S. 2003 Book 9
Glory Hunter : A Biography of Patrick Edward Connor Madsen, Brigham D. 1990 Book 22
Erastus Beman Snow : Son of the Dixie Cotton Mission and Son of Erastus Snow, the Apostle Larson, Andrew Karl 1973 Book
The Life of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston Johnston, William Preston 1878 Book 9
Biographical Sketch of Feramorz Little Little, James A. 1890 Book 3
Father Figure : Joseph Smith III and the Creation of the Reorganized Church Launius, Roger D. 1990 Book 6
Joseph Smith the Prophet Nibley, Preston 1944 Book 8
Joseph Smith : The Boy . . . the Prophet Parry, Jay A., Songer, Steven 1981 Book
Miles Romney and Elizabeth Gaskell Romney and Family Miner, Caroline Eyring 1978 Book 2
The Mormons : Or Latter-Day Saints Mackay, Charles 1851 Book 22
The Martyrs Littlefield, Lyman O. 1882 Book 3
James Poulsen, A Faithful Dane Poulsen, Ezra J. 1960 Book
Jedediah M. Grant : Pioneer-Statesman Judd, Mary Grant 1959 Book 5
Lorin Farr, Pioneer Pardoe, T. Earl 1953 Book 9
Joseph C. Rich : Versatile Pioneer on the Mormon Frontier Poulsen, Ezra J. 1958 Book 3
The Edge of the Cedars : The Story of Walter C. Lyman and the San Juan Mission Lyman, Albert R. 1966 Book 1
Aaron Johnson, Faithful Steward : A Documentary History Johnson, Alan P. 1991 Book 2
Erastus Snow : The Life of a Missionary and Pioneer for the Early Mormon Church Larson, Andrew Karl 1971 Book 45
Joseph Smith : A Photobiography McCloud, Susan Evans 1992 Book
Abraham Owen Smoot : A Testament of His Life Nixon, Loretta D., Smoot, L. Douglas 1994 Book 4
Builders of the Kingdom : George A. Smith, John Henry Smith, George Albert Smith Pusey, Merlo J. 1981 Book 18
Brigham Young, the Man and His Work Nibley, Preston 1936 Book 50
Charles Edmund Richardson, Man of Destiny Johnson, Annie Richardson, Shumway, Elva Richardson 1982 Book 5
The Jesse Knight Family : Jesse Knight, His Forebears and Family Knight, Jesse William 1940 Book 6
David Rice Atchison of Missouri : Border Politician Parrish, William E. 1961 Book 3
William Snow, First Bishop of Pine Valley Peterson, Wanda Snow 1992 Book
Amasa Mason Lyman : Trailblazer and Pioneer from the Atlantic to the Pacific Lyman, Albert R. 1957 Book 10
Life of David P. Kimball and Other Sketches Kimball, Solomon F. 1918 Book 2
Oliver Cowdery : The Elusive Second Elder of the Restoration Legg, Phillip R. 1989 Book 10
The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness : Sidney Rigdon, Religious Reformer, 1793-1876 McKiernan, F. Mark 1971 Book 40
John Lyon : The Life of a Pioneer Poet Lyon, Thomas E. 1989 Book 10
Hero or Traitor : A Biographical Study of Charles Wesley Wandell Newton, Marjorie 1992 Book 16