Studies in Mormon History

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Lived Religion among Mormons Hangen, Tona J. 2015 Book Chapter 2
Egalitarian Transformation : Gender, Religious Culture and Family Government on the Western Reserve of Ohio, 1800-1830 Hodgson, Traci A. 1997 Dissertation 20
Relationship of Mormonism and mental health : A review of the literature (1923-1995) Judd, Daniel K. 1996 Journal Article
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The Vietnam War through the Eyes of a Mormon Subculture Larsen, Knud S., Schwendiman, Gary 1968 Journal Article 5
Mormons Under the Microscope : A Close-up Look at Latter-day Saint Beliefs Lauritsen, Ed, Naqvi, Zainab Batul 2010 Book
Light-Mindedness versus Lightheartedness : Conflicting Conceptions of Laughter among Latter-day Saints Mahony, Diana L. 2003 Journal Article 1
"It's Wraylynn – With a W" : Distinctive Mormon Naming Practices Mansfield, Jennifer R. 2012 Dissertation
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An Analysis and Strategy for Church Planting in the Context of a Mormon Culture McClain, David Harold 1999 Dissertation
Leaves of truth : Utah and the Mormons Meakin, John Phillips 1909 Book 1
The Mormon Culture Region : Strategies and Patterns in the Geography of the American West, 1847-1964 Meinig, Donald W. 1965 Journal Article 54
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Using Indigenization and Other Indigenous Psychology Tools to Draw Parallels Between Mormonism and Hawaiian Culture Ngatai, Ann L. 2004 Dissertation
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Place attachment outside the Mormon culture region Petersen, Danielle 2004 Dissertation
Life in a Village Society, 1877-1920 Peterson, Charles S. 1981 Journal Article 5 8
A Study of Probable Mormon Influences on Selected Speeches of George Wilcken Romney Ridge, Alice Ann 1961 Dissertation
Mormon Popular Culture Riess, Jana K. 2015 Book Chapter 1
The Polynesian Cultural Center : A Study of Authenticity Robinson, Ann Marie 1991 Dissertation
A Critical and Comparative Analysis of Latter-day Saint Drama Rowley, T. Leonard 1967 Dissertation
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The Transformation of the Mormon Culture Region and the Creation of New Regional Citizens Yorgason, Ethan Robert 1999 Dissertation
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