Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
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The Life and Contributions of Elder Orson Hyde--'The Olive Branch of Israel' Barron, Howard H. 1977 Book Chapter
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Brigham Young and Social Responsibility Bassett, Arthur R., Hartshorn, Leon R. 1972 Journal Article
Lorenzo Snow : The Decisions of a College Student Bassett, Arthur R., Hartshorn, Leon R. 1972 Journal Article
John Steele : Medicine Man, Magician, Mormon Patriarch Bate, Kerry William 1994 Journal Article 5 4
Uncle John Smith, 1781-1854 : Patriarchal Bridge Bates, Irene M. 1987 Journal Article 4 9
Jacob Hawn and the Hawn's Mill Massacre : Missouri Millwright and Oregon Pioneer Baugh, Alexander L. 2010 Journal Article 3 14
Autobiography of Elder John L. Bear Bear, John L. 1912 Journal Article
Abraham O. Smoot, Pioneer Bennett, Archibald F. 1944 Journal Article
George Reynolds Bennion, Adam S. 1910 Journal Article
The Bennion Family of Utah Bennion, Harden 1918 Journal Article
Dr. John Milton Bernhisel : Utah's First Delegate to the National Congress Bernhisel, David M. 1912 Journal Article 2
After Sutter's Mill : The Life of Henry Bigler, 1848-1900 Bishop, M. Guy 1987 Journal Article 3
A Great Little Saint : A Brief Look at the Life of Henry William Bigler Bishop, M. Guy 1990 Journal Article 2 14
Bard of Utah's Dixie : Charles Lowell Walker and His Verse Bitton, Davis 1994 Book Chapter
Charley Walker, Dixie Pioneer Bitton, Davis 1980 Book Chapter
Praise to the Man Black, Dean 1993 Journal Article
John Farnham Boynton Black, Susan Easton 1996 Journal Article
The Diary and Journal of Thomas Briggs Briggs, Thomas 1960 Journal Article 1
Jacob Hamblin : Apostle to the Lamanites Brooks, Juanita 1948 Journal Article 4
Robert Lang Campbell : 'A Wise Scribe in Israel' and Schoolman to the Saints Buchanan, Frederick S. 1989 Journal Article 2 3
W. W. Phelps and Church Hymns Burgess, Samuel A. 1925 Journal Article
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Men Who Have Done Things : Joseph H. Ridges, The Man Who Built the Tabernacle Organ Carpenter, George E. 1911 Journal Article
Trunks, Chests and Boxes Carter, Kate B. 1976 Journal Article
True to the Faith Carter, Kate B. 1972 Journal Article
William Wood--Pioneer Carter, Kate B. 1970 Journal Article 3
That They May Be Remembered Carter, Kate B. 1975 Journal Article 1
Ten Autobiographies Carter, Kate B. 1969 Journal Article 2