Studies in Mormon History

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
William Wood--Pioneer Carter, Kate B. 1970 Journal Article 3
William Weeks, Architect of the Nauvoo Temple Arrington, Joseph Earl 1979 Journal Article 7 11
William Harrison Folsom : Pioneer Architect Anderson, Paul L. 1975 Journal Article 9 3
William Clayton : In the Shadow of Power Smith, George D. 1993 Journal Article 4
William Clayton Clayton, Lois 1947 Journal Article
William C. Staines : 'English Gentleman of Refinement and Culture' Evans, Max J. 1975 Journal Article 3 9
William Butler : Irish Convert and Builder of the Kingdom Foster, Craig L. 1995 Journal Article 1
William B. Preston Whitney, Orson F. 1885 Journal Article
Wilford Woodruff : Man of Faith and Zeal Hartshorn, Leon R., Hartshorn, Leon R. 1972 Journal Article
Wilford Woodruff Jessee, Dean C. 1986 Book Chapter 3
Wilford Woodruff Warner, Terry 1959 Journal Article
What "Romance" We Had : Thomas Owen King, Jr., Pony Express Rider Frederickson, Kristine Wardle 2010 Journal Article
W. W. Phelps and Church Hymns Burgess, Samuel A. 1925 Journal Article
Unique Story -- President Brigham Young Carter, Kate B. 1976 Journal Article
Uncle John Smith, 1781-1854 : Patriarchal Bridge Bates, Irene M. 1987 Journal Article 4 9
Two Utah Pioneers Carter, Kate B. 1964 Journal Article
Trunks, Chests and Boxes Carter, Kate B. 1976 Journal Article
Truman O. Angell : Architect and Saint Anderson, Paul L. 1985 Book Chapter 2
Truman Leonard : Pioneer Mormon Farmer Leonard, Glen M. 1976 Journal Article 2
True to the Faith Carter, Kate B. 1972 Journal Article
Three Prominent Pioneers Carter, Kate B. 1963 Journal Article
Three Important Manuscripts Sharp, Francis, 1834-1891 1968 Journal Article
Thomas Rhoads, Forgotten Mormon Pioneer of 1846 Davies, J. Kenneth 1983 Journal Article 2
Thomas Bullock--Pioneer Carter, Kate B. 1965 Journal Article 1
Thomas A. Williams Tullidge, Edward W. 1881 Journal Article
Theirs is the Kingdom Ashton, Wendell J. 1945 Book 6
The Youth and Early Manhood of Rudger Clawson Hinckley, Bryant S. 1937 Journal Article
The Wells Family Genealogy Wells, Junius F. 1915 Journal Article
The Twelve Apostles : Moses Thatcher Jenson, Andrew 1887 Journal Article
The Twelve Apostles : Francis M. Lyman Jenson, Andrew 1887 Journal Article
The Twelve Apostles : Erastus Snow Jenson, Andrew 1887 Journal Article
The Twelve Apostles : Amasa Lyman Jenson, Andrew 1887 Journal Article 1
The Story of Sam Brannan Jordan, Ralph B. 1936 Journal Article 1
The Songs of a Pioneer Naisbitt, H. W. 1891 Journal Article
The Saga of Sheriff John Boyd 1979 Journal Article
The Richards Family Grant, Helen R. 1990 Journal Article
The Records of Duckworth Grimshaw Grimshaw, Duckworth 1969 Journal Article
The Life Work of a Pioneer Wilcox, Eli Walter 1907 Journal Article
The Life of Philip De La Mare Morgan, Nicholas G. 1930 Journal Article 1
The Life and Contributions of Elder Orson Hyde--'The Olive Branch of Israel' Barron, Howard H. 1977 Book Chapter
The Legacy of Richard Ballantyne Sonne, Conway B. 1949 Journal Article
The Holding Forth of Jeddy Grant Sessions, Gene A. 1979 Journal Article 3
The History of Brigham Young Young, Brigham 1865 Journal Article 8
The Governors of Utah : Brigham Young Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1900 Journal Article
The Gospel in Action Romney, Thomas C. 1949 Book 3
The Diary and Journal of Thomas Briggs Briggs, Thomas 1960 Journal Article 1
The Centennial of Parley P. Pratt Lauritzen, Annie G. 1907 Journal Article
The Bennion Family of Utah Bennion, Harden 1918 Journal Article
The Autobiography of Hosea Stout Stout, Hosea 2009 Book 2 10
The Apostle Lorenzo Snow Tullidge, Edward W. 1883 Journal Article 1