Studies in Mormon History

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LDS Garments and Agency : A Qualitative Study of Meaning Finnigan, Jessica, Ross, Nancy 2018 Report
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Sacred Practices in Highly Religious Families : Christian, Jewish, Mormon, and Muslim Perspectives Marks, Loren D. 2004 Journal Article 1
Familial, Socioeconomic, and Religious Behavior : A Comparison of LDS and Non-LDS Women Heaton, Tim B. 1994 Journal Article 1
Pieces of April : From the Life and Journal of Lance Larsen Larsen, Lance E., Meyer, Casualene 2017 Journal Article 1
Contemporary Mormon Religiosity and the Legacy of "Gathering" Phillips, Rick 2013 Journal Article 3 54
Theological Re-symbolization of the RLDS Tradition : The Call to a Stage Beyond Demythologizing Jones, W. Paul 1996 Journal Article 2
"To Buy Up the Lamanite Children as Fast as They Could" : Indentured Servitude and Its Legacy in Mormon Society Cannon, Brian Q. 2018 Journal Article 1 31
"Infected With Doubt" : An Empirical Overview of Belief and Non-belief in Contemporary American Mormonism Knoll, Benjamin, Riess, Jana K. 2017 Journal Article 1
Sexual Orientation Change Efforts Among Current or Former LDS Church Members Bradshaw, William S., Crowell, Katherine Ann, Dehlin, John P., Galliher, Renee V., Hyde, Daniel C. 2015 Journal Article 1
Religious Experiences of GBTQ Mormon Males Bradshaw, William S., Crowell, Katherine Ann, Decoo, Ellen, Dehlin, John P., Galliher, Renee V., Heaton, Tim B. 2015 Journal Article
Volunteering Among Latter-Day Saints Cnaan, Ram A., Curtis, Daniel Warren, Evans, Van 2013 Journal Article
Perceived Perfectionism from God Scale : Development and Initial Evidence Allen, G. E. Kawika, Stokes, Hannah I., Suh, Han Na, Wang, Kenneth T. 2017 Journal Article
Pedagogy of the Spirit : Comparing Evangelical and Latter Day Saint Youth Self-Reported In-Class Spiritual Experiences Gardner, Ryan S., Sweat, Anthony, Wong, Arch Chee Keen 2016 Journal Article
Covenant Cloaks : Mormon Temple Garments in the Light of Identity Theory Powell, Adam J. 2016 Journal Article
Latter-day Saint Youths' Construction of Sacred Texts Rackley, Eric D. 2016 Journal Article 1 3
Early Sociological Issues Confronted by the Church of Christ (Temple Lot) : African Americans, Native Americans, and Women Addams, R. Jean 2010 Journal Article 1 11
Regional Cultures, Persistence and Change : A Case Study of the Mormon Culture Region Hunter, Lori M., Keller, Chalon, Toney, Michael B. 2003 Journal Article 1
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me a Mate : A Cultural Examination of a Virtual Community of Single Mormons Scott, David W. 2002 Journal Article 1
Behavior Analysis and the Cultural Geographic Study of Place Norton, William 1995 Journal Article 2
Lack of a Secularizing Influence of Education on Religious Activity and Parity Among Mormons Jensen, W. J., Lyon, J. L., Merrill, Ray M. 2003 Journal Article 4
A Typology of LDS Sociopolitical Worldviews Fox, Jeffrey Carl 2003 Journal Article 3
Following the Leader? : Mormon Voting on Ballot Propositions Campbell, David E., Monson, J. Quin 2003 Journal Article 2 2
Secularization and the Religious Audience : A Study of Mormons and Las Vegas Media Stout, Daniel A. 2004 Journal Article
"De Facto Congregationalism" and Mormon Missionary Outreach : An Ethnographic Case Study Phillips, Rick 2008 Journal Article 3
Prophecy Channels and Prophetic Modalities : A Comparison of Revelation in The Family International and the LDS Church Shepherd, Gary, Shepherd, Gordon 2009 Journal Article 2
Worthy "Gods" and "Goddesses" : The Meaning of Modesty in the Normalization of Latter-day Saint Gender Roles Avance, Rosemary 2010 Journal Article 1
Competing Social Movements and Local Political Culture : Voting on Ballot Propositions to Ban Same-Sex Marriage in the U.S. States Fleischmann, Arnold, Moyer, Laura 2004 Journal Article
The Ecclesiastical Census of 1851 and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Benson, Ewa C., Doxey, Cynthia 2004 Journal Article
Finding Oneself Among the Saints : Thomas F. O'Dea, Mormon Intellectuals, and the Future of Mormon Orthodoxy Bahr, Howard M. 2008 Journal Article 3
The Experience of Mormon Children in English School-Based Religious Education and Collective Worship Head, Ronan James 2008 Journal Article
The Experience of Mormon Children in English School-Based Religious Education and Collective Worship Head, Ronan James 2009 Journal Article 2
An LDS Sound World For The Twenty-First Century : A Thesis Revisited Kear, Warwick N. 2008 Journal Article 2
Fighting Over "Mormon" : Media Coverage of the FLDS and LDS Churches Cragun, Ryan T. 2008 Journal Article 3 9
Thomas F. O'Dea, the Harvard Values Project, and the Mormons : Early Lessons on Ethnography Among the Literate Bahr, Howard M. 2006 Journal Article 2
"A Simple, Common-Sense Explanation" : Thomas F. O'Dea and the Book of Mormon Bahr, Howard M. 2006 Journal Article
Club Mormon : Free-Riders, Monitoring, and Exclusion in the LDS Church McBride, Michael 2007 Journal Article 3
Does Polygyny Reduce Fertility? Josephson, Steven C. 2002 Journal Article
Hands Raised Up : Corruption, Power, and Context in Bolivian Mormonism Knowlton, David C. 2007 Journal Article 5
Analyzing LDS Growth in Guatemala : Report from a Barrio Gooren, Henri 2000 Journal Article 7 19
Inauthentic Authenticity? : Reviving Authentic Christianity in the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Chryssides, George 1999 Journal Article
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Relationship of Mormonism and mental health : A review of the literature (1923-1995) Judd, Daniel K. 1996 Journal Article
By Study and Also by Faith : The Faculty at Brigham Young University Responds Wilson, Keith J. 1999 Journal Article 17 2
Do What is Right, Let the Consequence Follow : Contrasting Messages in Mormon Hymns Booth, Wayne C. 1999 Journal Article 1