Studies in Mormon History

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What Is Our Doctrine? Millet, Robert L. 2003 Journal Article 2 4
Early Mormon Lifestyles; or the Saints as Human Beings Bitton, Davis 1973 Book Chapter 2
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From Temple to Meeting House : The Phenomenology and Theology of Places of Worship Turner, Harold W. 1979 Book 1
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What Hymns Early Mormons Sang and How They Sang Them Hicks, Michael D. 2008 Journal Article 1 14
An Analysis of the Theory and Practice of Worship in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Heidenreich, John Franklin 1963 Dissertation 1 12
A Typical Ward Service Keeler, Joseph B. 1914 Journal Article 1
Uses and Maintenance of Churches by the Latter-day Saints Smith, Joseph Fielding 1914 Journal Article 1
One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly : The Art of Seeking God Hoiland, Ashley Mae 2016 Book
A Home for the Saints : Developments in Worship Accommodation Rasmussen, Matthew Lyman 2016 Book Chapter 18
"When Ye Are Assembled Together" : Congregational Patterns and Worship Practices of the Early Latter-day Saints 1829-1846 Johnson, Matthew Jens 2013 Dissertation
Mormon Temple Architecture and the Spaces of Ritual Marcheschi, Michael Henry 1999 Dissertation
Meetings Hartley, William G. 2000 Encyclopedia Article
Pioneer Life and Worship Walker, Ronald W. 1992 Encyclopedia Article 7
Use of Music in the Religious Services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Martin, Gary M. 1963 Dissertation
Traditional Idiom of Utah Mormon Sunday Meetings Westerman, Gale Sidney 1991 Dissertation
Latter-day Saint Meeting Places, 1820-1844 : A Socio-historical Analysis of Form and Function Olsen, L. Shane 2004 Dissertation 53
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