Studies in Mormon History

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Women in New Religions Vance, Laura 2015 Book 1
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Elizabeth Dennistoun Kane : 'Publicans, Sinners, and Mormons' Bowen, Donna Jenkins, Solomon, Mary Karen Bowen 1994 Book Chapter
An Ideograph Analysis of the Mormon Women and non-Mormon Women's Public Argument on Polygamy and Suffrage, 1870-1886 Larson, Suzanne 1992 Dissertation
Born in Timbuctoo : The Voice of Eveline Brooks Auerbach, Part I Ogden, Annegret 1993 Journal Article
Charles A. Scott's Diary and Letters Written by Elizabeth Cumming Cumming, Elizabeth, Scott, Charles A., 1830-1907 1996 Journal Article
A Lady's View of Utah and the Mormons, 1858 : A Letter from the Governor's Wife Cumming, Elizabeth 1955 Journal Article
Results 1–18 of 18