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The Women of Mormondom Tullidge, Edward W. 1877 Book 107
No Place to Call Home : The 1807-1857 Life Writings of Caroline Barnes Crosby, Chronicler of Outlying Mormon Communities Crosby, Caroline Barnes, 1807-1884 2005 Book 16 51
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'Not Invited, But Welcome' : The History and Impact of Church Policy on Sister Missionaries Lyon, Tania R., McFarland, Mary Ann Shumway 2003 Journal Article 5 4
"Real, Live Mormon Women" : Understanding the Role of Early Twentieth-Century LDS Lady Missionaries Lelegren, Kelly 2009 Dissertation 3
Oral History and Mormon Women Missionaries : The Stories Sound the Same Embry, Jessie L. 1998 Journal Article 3
LDS Sister Missionaries : An Oral History Response Embry, Jessie L. 1997 Journal Article 3 6
Young Women Cannon, Elaine 1992 Encyclopedia Article 2
The First Mormon Missionary Women in the Pacific, 1850-1852 Ellsworth, Maria S. 2000 Book Chapter 2
On the Outside Looking In : A Gendered Look at Sister Missionary Experiences Cropper-Rampton, Rebecca, Radke, Andrea Gayle 2005 Book Chapter 2
The First Sister Missionaries Mangum, Diane L. 1980 Journal Article 2
“You Had Better Let Mrs Young Have Any Thing She Wants” : What a Joseph Smith Pay Order Teaches about the Plight of Missionary Wives in the Early Church Godfrey, Matthew C. 2019 Journal Article 1 14
Our Lady Missionaries McKay, David O. 1921 Journal Article 1
Missions and the Rhetoric of Male Motivation Stimmler, Allison G. 2003 Journal Article 1
A Swelling Tide : Nineteen-Year-Old Sister Missionaries in the Twenty-First Century Rabada, Courtney L. 2014 Journal Article 1 14
Louisa Barnes Pratt : Missionary Wife, Missionary Mother, Missionary Stone, Ann Gardner 1978 Book Chapter 1
With Scriptures in their Backpack : American LDS Women Missionaries in Norway Gundersen, Dianna 2001 Dissertation 1
The Rhetorical Self-definitions of Sister Missionaries, 1930-1970 : Oral Histories Embry, Jessie L. 1997 Journal Article 1
"Female Brethren" : Gender Dynamics in a Newly Integrated Missionary Force, 1898-1915 McBride, Matthew S. 2018 Journal Article 23
'I Have Volunteered for a Mission' : The Experiences of Marian Gardner, a Sister Missionary G., Ronald, Watt, Barbara Fluckiger 2017 Journal Article 10
Sweet is the Work : Lessons from the First Sister Missionaries Olaveson, Breanna 2017 Book 20
The Mormon Missionary : Who Is That Knocking at My Door? Lively, Robert L., Jr. 2015 Book
The Doctrine and Covenants and the Conversion Process Moss, James R. 1984 Book Chapter
English Days : Experiences of a Burmese Mormon Missionary in England Richey, Emily 2013 Dissertation
Cross-Cultural Conversion Narratives : an American Missionary in Taichung, Taiwan Nelson, Amy 1998 Dissertation
"When They Called Us Jie Mei (Sister)" : An Autoethnographic and Narrative Study of Religious Development in Emerging Adulthood Ball, Katie Nichole 2011 Dissertation
The rib cage Welker, Holly 2000 Dissertation
"Our Utah Girls" : Girls and Young Women in the Transitional Mormon Church Rose, Natalie 2016 Dissertation
Inhabiting Soeur McCune-Poplin, Laura 2005 Dissertation
Sisters in Transition : Moving from the Buna Coffee Ritual to Relief Society Platt, Jennifer Brinkerhoff 2013 Book Chapter
Benjamin Thomas Clark-Caroline Barnes Crosby Crosby, Caroline Barnes, 1807-1884 1988 Journal Article
Calling the First Women Missionaries Sons of Utah Pioneers 2010 Journal Article
A Study of Coded Messages in the Personal Narratives of Female Mormon Missionaries Johns, Rebecca L. 2001 Dissertation
Yeshariah : Society for LDS Sister Missionaries Turley, Kylie Nielson 2008 Journal Article 7
Mormon Missionary Wives in Nineteenth-century Polynesia Madsen, Carol Cornwall 2008 Book Chapter
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The First Mormon Missionary Women in the Pacific, 1850-1852 Ellsworth, Maria S. 1990 Book Chapter
Missionary Diary of Helon Henry Tracy in the United States and Great Britain 1881-1882 Tracy, Helen Henry, 1849-1893 1973 Book
Women from Zion in the Samoan Mission : 1888-1900 Yeaman, Ruth R. 1990 Book Chapter
Laboring in the Desert : The Letters and Diaries of Narcissa Prentiss Whitman and Ida Hunt Udall Long, Genevieve J. 2002 Dissertation 49
Called to Tubuai : Missionary Couples in French Polynesia, 1850 Ellsworth, S. George 1989 Journal Article
The Contribution of Women in the Teaching of the Restored Gospel Olson, Mrs. J. E. 1930 Journal Article
'A Mighty Woman in Zion' : The Roles of Mary Jane Dilworth Hammond as an LDS Missionary Wife in Nineteenth-Century Hawaii Oldroyd, Julia Ann 1994 Journal Article
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