Studies in Mormon History

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Career, Education, Home and Family : Decision-making among LDS Women Ballif-Spanville, Bonnie, Nichols, Rebecca R., Vigil, Jennifer M. 2002 Dissertation
A Study of Divorced Mormon Women in Salt Lake County : The Extent to Which they Use the Agencies and Institutions Available to Help Meet Personal, Financial, and Employment Needs Stapley, Melinda G. 1981 Dissertation
Women in Educational Leadership : High School Principals Negotiating Gender and Patriarchy in a Mormon Culture Miller, Marilyn Allphin 2009 Dissertation
The Chocolate Dippers' Strike of 1910 MacKay, Kathryn L. 2015 Journal Article 6
Women Telegraph Operators on the Western Frontier Jepson, Thomas C. 2011 Journal Article 1
"In Union is Strength" : Mormon Women and Cooperation, 1867-1900 Haggard, Kathleen C. 1998 Dissertation
Mormon Accumulation : The Domestic Mode of Production, and Women's Labor in Nineteenth-Century Utah Stanley, Kathleen P. 1984 Dissertation
Mormon Rosies : Women and War Work in Manti Borneman, Amanda Midgley 2010 Journal Article 10
"The Flaw'd Heart' Too Weak the Conflict to Support"? Bushman, Harriet Petherick 2005 Book Chapter
'The Lines That Join Them are Variable' : Five Working Mormon Mothers Ashurst-McGee, Angela Michelle 1999 Dissertation
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When Mothers Work Larsen, Jean M. 1982 Journal Article
The Effect of Maternal Employment on Mormon and Non-Mormon Adolescents Mohan, Philip J. 1990 Journal Article
Wives' Employment Status and Marital Happiness of Religious Couples Johnson, Barry L. 1988 Journal Article
The Effect of Maternal Employment on Adolescent Daughters Borges, Marilyn, Jensen, Larry C. 1986 Journal Article
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