Studies in Mormon History

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Shifting the Plot : Possibilities in Mormon Women's History Cope, Rachel 2012 Journal Article 1
Studying Sikhs and meeting mormons : A comparative study of women in two of the newest world religions Rutherford, Taunalyn 2017 Journal Article
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Social Challenges Facing Third World LDS Women Boswell, Katherine 1995 Book Chapter
Maternal and Child Health Challenges Heiser, Barbara 1995 Book Chapter
Assessing and Revising the Standard Aphorisms : Lesson I've Learned From Third World Women Dixon, Joan 1995 Book Chapter
Challenges Facing Women in the Developing World Morrison, Alexander B. 1995 Book Chapter
Freedom to Choose : A Comparative Study between Russian Urban Women and Mormon Urban Women in Utah Brennan, Bonnie Christine 1978 Dissertation
Results 1–14 of 14