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A Black Woman in a White Man's Church : Amy E. Robbins and the Reorganization Launius, Roger D, Launius, Roger D. 1993 Journal Article 9
A Black Woman in a White Man's Church : Amy E. Robbins and the Reorganization Launius, Roger D. 1993 Journal Article
Jane Manning James : black Mormon pioneer ; my theatre and film portrayal and a historical docudrama of her life Smith, Fiona Adeline 2005 Dissertation
Negotiating Difference in the Mormon Context: A Reading of Two African American LDS Women's Autobiographies Anonymous 2010 Dissertation
Undaunted Courage and Faith : The Lives of Three Black Women in the West and Hawaii in the Early 19th Century Johnson, Karen A. 2006 Journal Article 14
Struggling With the Mormon Ideal : African-American Women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Copeland, Barbara Anne 2002 Dissertation
Martha Stevens Perkins Howell : Granddaughter of Slaves, Mother of Saints Young, Margaret Blair 2005 Book Chapter
I Speak from My Heart : The Story of A Black South African Woman Mavimbela, Julia 1990 Book Chapter
Blacks, Priesthood and Sisterhood Arrington, Chris Rigby 1978 Journal Article
A Reminiscence of Joseph Smith James, Jane 1970 Journal Article
Jane Elizabeth Manning James Walker, Joseph B. 1994 Journal Article
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