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Church History Whitmer, John 1908 Journal Article
Early LDS Church Historians Grant, Helen R. 1991 Journal Article
The Eight Witnesses Jenson, Andrew 1888 Journal Article
RLDS Archives Sources Romig, Ronald E. 1999 Journal Article
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The Making of Modern Scripture : Latter-day Saints and the Book of Commandments and Revelations Harper, Steven C. 2009 Journal Article 9
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Comments on the Book of Mormon Witnesses : A Response to Jerald and Sandra Tanner Roper, Matthew P. 1993 Journal Article 1
John Whitmer : Scribe, Preacher, Leader, Historian . . . and Historical Association Howard, Richard P. 1982 Journal Article 1
Five Who Handled the Plates Anderson, Richard Lloyd 1969 Journal Article 1
John Whitmer and the Revelations of Joseph Smith Marquardt, H. Michael 2001 Journal Article 1 19
"The Testimony of Men" : William E. McLellin and the Book of Mormon Witnesses Schaefer, Mitchell K. 2011 Journal Article 1 5
Eleven Witnesses Behold the Plates Anderson, Gale Yancey 2012 Journal Article 1 17
The "Caractors" Document : New Light on an Early Transcription of the Book of Mormon Characters Dirkmaat, Gerrit John, Jensen, Robin Scott, MacKay, Michael Hubbard 2013 Journal Article 2
Two Hundred Thirty-Eight Years of the Whitmer Family, 1737-1976 Dear, Mary Cleora 1976 Book 2
John Whitmer's History Whitmer, John 1965 Book 2
Witnesses of the Book of Mormon Nibley, Preston 1968 Book 3
The Validity of the Witnesses' Testimonies Vogel, Dan 2002 Book Chapter 3
Eighth Witness : The Biography of John Whitmer Romig, Ronald E. 2014 Book 3
Attempts to Redefine the Experience of the Eight Witnesses Anderson, Richard Lloyd 2005 Journal Article 5 21
Early Marriages Performed by the Latter-day Saint Elders in Jackson County, Missouri, 1832-1834 Faulring, Scott H. 2001 Journal Article 6 15
An Early Latter-day Saint History : The Book of John Whitmer Kept by Commandment Whitmer, John 1980 Book 21
From Historian to Dissident : The Book of John Whitmer Whitmer, John 1995 Book 39
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