Studies in Mormon History

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Making Space on the Western Frontier : Mormons, Miners, and Southern Paiutes Reeve, W. Paul 2006 Book 27 76
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The Mormon World Mosser, Carl, Sherlock, Richard 2013 Book 6
Thoughts from the Farther West : Mormons, California, and the Civil War Deverell, William 2008 Journal Article 6 3
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Economic Beginnings of the Far West Coman, Katherine 1912 Book 4
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Mormon Wests : The Creation and Evolution of an American Region Jackson, Richard H. 2003 Book Chapter 3
Sarah Ann Sutton Cooke (1808-1885) : The Respected Mrs. Cooke Givens, Terryl L., Scott, Patricia Lyn 2000 Book Chapter 3
The LDS Legacy in Southwestern Iowa Holmes, Gail George 1988 Journal Article 3
What is Mormon Cinema? Defining the Genre Astle, Randy Journal Article 2
Religion and Attitudes Toward the Environment : A Comparison of Mormons and the General U.S. Population Hunter, Lori M., Toney, Michael B. 2005 Journal Article 2
The Mormon Corridor : Utah and Idaho Flake, Kathleen 2004 Book Chapter 2
The Influence of the Mormon People in the Settlement of Clark County Leavitt, Francis H. 1934 Dissertation 2
The History of Mormonism with Special Reference to the Influence of the Mormon Church on the Economic Development of the Far West Langlois, Fontella Elizabeth 1926 Dissertation 2
Mormons, Miners, and Southern Paiutes : Making Space On The Nineteenth-Century Western Frontier Reeve, W. Paul 2002 Dissertation 2
Crossroads of the West Farmer, Jared 2015 Journal Article 1 34
Mormon History and "Lived Religion" Tobler, Ryan G. 2012 Journal Article 1 4
LDS in the USA : Mormonism and the Making of American Culture Newswander, Lynita, Trepanier, Lee 2012 Book 1
Mormons and Popular Culture : The global influence of an American phenomenon Hunter, J. Michael 2013 Book 1
The Defense of Deseret : An Examination of LDS Church Trade Politics and Development Efforts in the American West Garrett, Christopher J. 2005 Journal Article 1 12
The Mormon Impact on the Arizona Landscape Gelpke, Richard Butler 1973 Dissertation 1
The Council of Fifty in Western History Rogers, Jedediah Smart 2017 Book Chapter 10
Confessions of a Revisionist Historian : David L. Bigler on the Mormons and the West Bigler, David L. 2015 Book
History of the Saints Bush, Bryant, Hartley, William G., Lyman, Dennis, Rawson, Glenn 2012 Book
Encounters in the American Mountain West : A Sinner Amongst the Latter-day Saints Mitchell, Ian Robert 2012 Book
Mormon Disavowal of Plural Marriage Shally-Jensen, Michael 2014 Book Chapter
The Last Outlaws: The lives and legends of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Hatch, Thom 2013 Book
Oral History, Community, and Work in the American West Embry, Jessie L. 2013 Book
Civil Religion and Empire-Building : The Mormon Church and Its Influence Among Great Basin and Southwest Indians Fawcett, Natalie 2007 Dissertation
Behavior Analysis and the Cultural Geographic Study of Place Norton, William 1995 Journal Article 2
The Concept of the West and Other Hindrances to the Study of Mormon Folklore Wilson, William A. 2000 Book Chapter
American Outsiders at the Center : Mormons and the West Heinze, Ru?diger 2009 Book Chapter
The Mormon Influence in the Politics of California Drager, Kerry 1980 Journal Article
A Note on Politics and Religion in Twentieth-century Nevada Moody, Eric N. 1971 Journal Article
Washoe Territory : Rudimentary Government in Nevada Richards, Kent D. 1969 Journal Article
The Forgotten Founders : Rethinking the History of the West Udall, Stewart L. 2002 Book
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