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“What Means This Carnage?” : The Civil War in Mormon Thought Alford, Kenneth L., Dowdle, Brett D. 2012 Book Chapter 1 17
“We Know No North, No South, No East, No West” : Mormon Interpretations of the Civil War, 1861–65 Alford, Kenneth L., Bennett, Richard E. 2012 Book Chapter 1 5
Rumors of Secession in the Utah Territory : 1847–61 Alford, Kenneth L., Manscill, Craig K. 2012 Book Chapter 1 15
Overview of the Civil War Alford, Kenneth L., Fleek, Sherman L. 2012 Book Chapter 1
Timeline of United States and Latter-day Saint/Utah Territory History Alford, Kenneth L. 2012 Book Chapter 1
Latter-day Saints and the Civil War : An Introduction Alford, Kenneth L., Alford, Kenneth L. 2012 Book Chapter 1
Utah Grows : Pre-Utah and Utah History Buttle, Faye Jensen 1967 Book 1
The Admission of Utah : Replies of Hon. F.S. Richards to Statements in Opposition to the Admission of Utah as a State. Richards, Franklin D. 1888 Book 1
Rethinking Jedediah S. Smith's Southwestern Expeditions Lyman, Edward Leo 2016 Journal Article 1 2
Saunterings in Utah Strahorn, Robert E. 1878 Book Chapter
Placing Juanita Brooks Among the Heroes [or Villians] of Mormon and Utah History Saunders, Richard L. 2019 Journal Article 40
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Mormons and Morrisites : A Study in the Sociology of Conflict Halford, Larry J. 1972 Dissertation
The Territorial Library of Utah Riley, Marjorie M. 1952 Dissertation
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