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The Use of Spiritual Interventions in Psychotherapy : A Qualitative Study of Mormon Therapists Chamberlain, Ronald B 1998 Dissertation
The Role of Religion in Coping : A Qualitative Study of Eight Mormons Chamberlain, Mark D. 1994 Dissertation
The influence of Mormon socialization on gender development in childhood Sohier, Raphella 1981 Dissertation
Religion and Ultimate Concern : An Encounter with Paul Tillich's Theology Midgley, Louis C. 1966 Journal Article 1
Marital Satisfaction and Commitment Among Mormons : An Application of Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love Chandler, Brian K. 1995 Dissertation
Latter-day Saint Young Adults, Narcissism, and Religiosity Judd, Jacob Daniel 2012 Dissertation
How do Mormon social workers resolve religious and secular differences in the field of social work? Erlich, John, Tamblyn, Shon Lawrence 2004 Dissertation
Grace, Legalism, and Mental Health among the Latter-day Saints Dyer, W. Justin, Judd, Daniel K. 2020 Journal Article 3
Finding Coyote : Praying Into Madness 2009 Dissertation
Examining Legalism, Scrupulosity, Family Perfectionism, and Psychological Adjustment among LDS Individuals Allen, G. E. Kawika 2015 Journal Article
A Sociological Profile of LDS Inmates at Utah State Prison Payne, Robert D. 1975 Dissertation
Results 1–11 of 11