Studies in Mormon History

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The American Religion : The Emergence of the Post-Christian Nation Bloom, Harold 1992 Book 47
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Ordering Antinomy : An Analysis of Early Mormonism's Priestly Offices, Councils, and Kinship Flake, Kathleen 2016 Journal Article 2
Exploring the Connection Between Mormons and Masons Brown, Matthew B. 2009 Book 2
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The Theology of Thomas Dick and Its Possible Relationship to that of Joseph Smith Jones, Edward T. 1969 Dissertation 2
Awakening Joseph Smith : Mormon Resources for a Postmodern Worldview Wotherspoon, Daniel 1996 Dissertation 2
Frontier Kantianism : Autonomy and Authority in Ralph Waldo Emerson and Joseph Smith Davis, Ryan W. 2018 Journal Article 1
'A Religion by Revelation' : Emerson as Radical Restorationist Duffy, John-Charles 2000 Journal Article 1
A Study of Some Representative Concepts of a Finite God in Contemporary American Philosophy with Application to the God Concepts of the Utah Mormons Tickemyer, Garland E. 1954 Dissertation 1
Alexander Campbell and Joseph Smith Benson, RoseAnn November, 2017 Book 123
American Visionaries And Their Approaches to the Past Holland, David F. 2015 Book Chapter
Mormons & Masons Scharffs, Gilbert W. 2006 Book
Understanding the Founding and Growth of the Masonic Lodge in Mormon Nauvoo Eaton, Alfred H. 1994 Dissertation
A Comparison of the Educational Thought of Joseph Smith with That of Certain Contemporary Educators Harris, James R. 1965 Dissertation
Emerson, Smith, and American Religion : A Comparison and Contrast of Ralph Waldo Emerson's and Joseph Smith, Jr.'s Religious Ideas in Relation to the Historical Setting in Which They Developed Taylor, Rebecca Apr-92 Dissertation
Joseph Smith--The Wentworth Letter and Religious America of 1842 Lyon, T. Edgar 5-Dec-54 Report
Perfectionism in Religion and Psychotherapy or : Discerning the Spirits Touchet, Francis H. 1976 Journal Article
Results 1–22 of 22