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The Encounter of the Young Joseph Smith with Presbyterianism Matzko, John 2007 Journal Article 4 10
The Josiah Stowell Jr.-John S. Fullmer Correspondence Ashurst-McGee, Mark 1999 Journal Article 4
Intertextuality and the Purpose of Joseph Smith's New Translation of the Bible Wayment, Thomas A. 2018 Book Chapter 3
Isaac Hale : Antagonist of Joseph Smith Black, Susan Easton 1992 Book Chapter 3
The Dictation, Compilation, and Canonization of Joseph Smith's Revelations Underwood, Grant 2018 Book Chapter 2
From Plowboy to Prophet : Being a Short History of Joseph Smith, for Children Morton, William A. 1918 Book 2
Textual Criticism and the Book of Mormon Hardy, Grant R. 2018 Book Chapter 1
School of the Prophet : Joseph Smith Learns the First Principles, 1820-1830 Bennett, Richard E. 2010 Book 1 32
Family and Mormon Church Roots : Colonial Period to 1820 Hammond, John J. 2011 Book 1
Pioneer Stories Nibley, Preston 1940 Book 1
The New England Common School Experience of Joseph Smith Jr., 1810-16 Wright, Dennis A., Wright, Geoffrey A. 2004 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith's Home Environment Anderson, Richard Lloyd 1971 Journal Article 1
Joseph Smith's Own Story of a Serious Childhood Illness Smith, Joseph, Jr. 1970 Journal Article 1 2
God, Man, and the Universe Andrus, Hyrum L. 1968 Book 1
Joseph Smith's Missouri Prison Letters and the Mormon Textual Community Grua, David W. 2018 Book Chapter
The Gold Plates as Foundational Text Bushman, Richard L. 2018 Book Chapter
Introduction Ashurst-McGee, Mark, Howcroft, Sharalyn D., Jensen, Robin Scott 2018 Book Chapter
The Young Joseph Smith and Presbyterianism Matzko, John 2013 Book Chapter
The Creation of Mormonism : Joseph Smith Jr. in the 1820s Hammond, John J. 2011 Book
The Cultural and Religious Environment of Joseph Smith's Youth Antley, Joseph T. 2010 Book Chapter
1820-29 : Joseph Smith and the First Principles of the Gospel Bennett, Richard E. 2010 Book Chapter
1805-19 : The Early Years Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel 2010 Book Chapter
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The Developmental Years, 1823-1827 Woodger, Mary Jane 2005 Book Chapter
The Eyewitness History of the Church, Volume One : The Restoration, 1800-1833 Marsh, W. Jeffrey 2005 Book
Joseph Smith's Developmental Years Van Orden, Bruce A. 1985 Book Chapter
Hyrum Smith : The Mildness of a Lamb, the Integrity of Job Esplin, Ronald K. 2000 Journal Article
Along the Susquehanna River Grant, Carter E. 1960 Journal Article
An Angel from On High Crowley, Elmer S. 1948 Journal Article
Story of the Church : New York-Pennsylvania Period Grant, Carter E. 1964 Journal Article
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Joseph Smith as a Young Man Allen, James B. 1971 Journal Article
A Sweet Fascination Barrett, Ivan J. 1967 Journal Article
Joseph Smith in Chenango County, New York, and Its Alleged Court Record Kirkham, Francis W. 1947 Journal Article
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Religious Anti-Revivalism in Antebellum America Bratt, James D. 2004 Journal Article
What Manner of Boy And Youth Was Joseph Smith? Widtsoe, John A. 1946 Journal Article
The Prophet, the Physicians and the Medical School Wheelock, Seymour E. 1984 Journal Article
Young Joseph Barrett, Ivan J. 1981 Book
Joseph Smith : The Boy . . . the Prophet Parry, Jay A., Songer, Steven 1981 Book
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