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Joseph Smith as Scientist : A Contribution to Mormon Philosophy Widtsoe, John A. 1908 Book 19
Ordering Antinomy : An Analysis of Early Mormonism's Priestly Offices, Councils, and Kinship Flake, Kathleen 2016 Journal Article 2 32
How We Got the Book of Moses Jackson, Kent P. 2002 Journal Article 2 12
Awakening Joseph Smith : Mormon Resources for a Postmodern Worldview Wotherspoon, Daniel 1996 Dissertation 2
Joseph Smith : The Choice Seer McConkie, Joseph Fielding, Millet, Robert L. 1996 Book 2
Precious Truths Restored : Joseph Smith Translation Changes Not Included in Our Bible Marsh, W. Jeffrey, Sherry, Thomas E. 2004 Journal Article 1 11
Joseph Smith's Presidential Ambitions Bushman, Richard L. 2016 Book Chapter 1
Kirtland Through the Christian-Masonic, Neo-Hebraic, Neo-Pagan Looking Glass : Architecture, Ritual, Gender, and Race Forsberg, Clyde R., Jr. 2010 Journal Article 1 29
Joseph Smith and the Restoration of Temple Service Cowan, Richard O. 2005 Book Chapter 1
Impact of the Doctrinal Restoration : How the World Was Different after Joseph Smith Skinner, Andrew C. 2005 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith and the Restitution of All Things Backman, Milton V., Jr. 1993 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith : Doctrinal Contributions Brinley, Douglas E. 2006 Dissertation
Joseph Smith : America's Greatest Educator Flinders, Neil J. 2014 Book
Joseph Smith's Contributions to Understanding the Doctrine of Eternal Marriage Brinley, Douglas E. 2005 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith's Expansion of Our Understanding of the Premortal Life and Our Relationship to God Bott, Randy L. 2005 Book Chapter
The Articles of Faith : Answering Doctrinal Questions of the "Second Great Awakening" Benson, RoseAnn 2005 Book Chapter
Continuing the Program of the Prophet Backman, Milton V., Jr. 2005 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith Jr. Barton, Grant 2005 Journal Article
The Contributions of the Prophet Joseph Smith Berrett, William E. 1973 Book Chapter
Major Doctrinal Contributions of the JST Matthews, Robert J. 1985 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith -- Prophet Teacher Packer, Boyd K. 1959 Report
The Prophet Joseph Smith McDonald, Howard S. 1945 Report
Joseph Smith's Contribution to an Understanding of Israel Ludlow, Daniel H. 1977 Report
An Evaluation of Joseph Smith and His Work Sperry, Sidney B. 1947 Report
The Smith Family in the Leading Councils of the Church 1945 Journal Article
The Family of the Prophet Joseph Smith Ballard, M. Russell 1991 Journal Article
What Joseph Smith Did for the Womanhood of the Church Gates, Susa Young 1905 Journal Article
The Incomparable Joseph Smith Hartshorn, Leon R., Hartshorn, Leon R. 1972 Journal Article
A Prophet for the Fulness of Times Lund, Gerald N. 1997 Journal Article
Contributions of Joseph Smith Berrett, William E. 1940 Book
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