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“Would to God, Brethern, I Could Tell You Who I Am” : Nineteenth Century Mormonisms and the Apotheosis of Joseph Smith Blythe, Christopher James 2014 Journal Article
A Statistical Profile of the Mormons : Health, Wealth, and Social Lif Heaton, Tim B. 2004 Book
"The Loving Friend of Children, the Prophet Joseph" Haws, J. B. 2002 Journal Article 7
A Behaviorist Looks at Joseph Osmond, Russell C. 2013 Journal Article 5
Did Joseph Smith Have to Take Algebra? : Following the Example of Joseph Smith Barker, Shane R. 2012 Book
Friendship : The Better Part of Joseph's Life Cutler, Jacob 2009 Book Chapter
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Thy Mind, O. Man : An Interpretive Biography of Joseph Smith as an Adult Learner Wightman, Gregory B. 2008 Dissertation
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What is the True Character of Joseph Smith? Penrose, Charles W. 1958 Journal Article
Puritan Patriots Salisbury, Herbert Spencer 1914 Journal Article
A Disciple in Deed Searle, Don L. 1994 Journal Article
Was Joseph Smith Honest in Business? Widtsoe, John A. 1946 Journal Article
Joseph Smith's Youthful Life Reynolds, George 1882 Journal Article
What Were the Sources of Joseph Smith's Greatness? Widtsoe, John A. 1948 Journal Article
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