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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The Revised and Enhanced History of Joseph Smith by His Mother Smith, Lucy Mack 1996 Book 22 43
The Prophet Joseph : Essays on the Life and Mission of Joseph Smith Black, Susan Easton, Porter, Larry C. 1988 Book 19
The Prophet Puzzle : Interpretive Essays on Joseph Smith Waterman, Bryan 1999 Book 18
Joseph Smith : The Prophet, The Man Black, Susan Easton, Tate, Charles D., Jr. 1993 Book 17
Joseph Smith : The Prophet and Seer Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel, Jackson, Kent P. 2010 Book 9
United by Faith : The Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family Walker, Kyle R. 2005 Book 5
Joseph : Exploring the Life and Ministry of the Prophet Black, Susan Easton, Skinner, Andrew C. 2005 Book 4
In Their Own Words : Autobiographical Stories from the Lives of the Prophets Black, Susan Easton, Woodger, Mary Jane 2016 Book
Results 1–8 of 8