Studies in Mormon History

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Joseph Smith's First Vision : Confirming Evidences and Contemporary Accounts Backman, Milton V., Jr. 1980 Book 10 29
National Culture, Personality, and Theocracy in the Early Mormon Culture of Violence Quinn, D. Michael 2002 Journal Article 3 121
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Joseph Smith's America : His Life and Times Orton, Chad M., Slaughter, William W. 2005 Book 2
The Voice of Truth, Containing the Public Writings, Portrait, and Last Sermon of President Joseph Smith Smith, Joseph, Jr. 1845 Book 1
Joseph Smith at Nauvoo Quincy, Josiah 1883 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith's Awareness of Greek and Latin Welch, John W. 2015 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith and Native American Artifacts Wright, Mark Alan 2015 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith's Presidential Ambitions Bushman, Richard L. 2016 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith and Abraham Lincoln Bushman, Richard L. 2005 Book Chapter 1 25
“Would to God, Brethern, I Could Tell You Who I Am” : Nineteenth Century Mormonisms and the Apotheosis of Joseph Smith Blythe, Christopher James 2014 Journal Article
Societal Change and the Second Awakening Swift, Donald C. Book Chapter
Fate and the Persecutors of Joseph Smith : Transmutations of an American Myth Poulsen, Richard C. 2013 Book Chapter
"A Great Moral Heritage" : The Creation of a Mormon Collective Identity Lawler, Erin Casey 2010 Dissertation
Aliens in the World : Sectarians, Secularism and the Second Great Awakening McCook, Matt 2005 Dissertation
1805-19 : The Early Years Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel 2010 Book Chapter
Joseph Smith in Historical Perspective Roberson, Raymond Dale 1972 Dissertation
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