Studies in Mormon History

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Close Friends as Witnesses : Joseph Smith and the Joseph Knight Families Hartley, William G. 1993 Book Chapter
The Martyrdom Remembered : A One-hundred-fifty-year Perspective on the Assasination of Joseph Smith Bitton, Davis 1994 Book 8
Praise to the Man : Loyalty to the Prophet Joseph Smith Millet, Robert L. 1995 Book Chapter
Images of the Prophet Joseph Smith Bitton, Davis 1996 Book 4
'We Were Willing Because We Were Obliged To' : The Mormons, Their Religion, and Why They Left Nauvoo Allen, James B. 1997 Book Chapter 1
No Toil nor Labor Fear : The Story of William Clayton Allen, James B. 2002 Book 21
"The Loving Friend of Children, the Prophet Joseph" Haws, J. B. 2002 Journal Article 7
The Psychology and Prophetic Charisma : New Approaches to Understanding Joseph Smith and the Development of Charismatic Leadership Foster, Lawrence 2003 Journal Article 2 26
Insights into the Mind and Personality of the Prophet Joseph Smith Cannon, Donald Q. 2003 Journal Article 1 9
Dealing with Personal Injustices : Lessons from the Prophet Joseph Smith Marsh, W. Jeffrey 2003 Journal Article 1 9
The Psychology of Prophetic Charisma : New Approaches to Understanding Joseph Smith and the Development of Charismatic Leadership Foster, Lawrence 2007 Journal Article 40
Joseph Smith and Power Bushman, Richard L. 2011 Book Chapter 1
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