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"Without a Cause" and "Ships of Tarshish" : A Possible Contemporary Source for Two Unexplained Readings from Joseph Smith Huggins, Ronald V. 2003 Journal Article 1 14
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An Examination of the Biblical Scholarship of Joseph Smith, Mormon Prophet Goshay, Thomas Gerard 1962 Dissertation
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As Translated Correctly : The Inspiration and Innovation of the Eighth Article of Faith Salmon, Douglas F. 1998 Journal Article 1
Before Mormonism : Joseph Smith's Use of the Bible, 1820-1829 Barlow, Philip L. 1989 Journal Article 1
God(s) as Character(s) in Joseph's Bible Stories : March 1830 to September 1830 Staker, Susan 2015 Journal Article 1 5
How We Got the Book of Moses Jackson, Kent P. 2002 Journal Article 2 12
Is the Book of Mormon a Pseudo-Archaic Text? Carmack, Stanford 2019 Journal Article 2 8
Isaiah in the Book of Mormon : Or Joseph Smith in Isaiah Wright, David P. 2002 Book Chapter 10
Isaiah Updated Smith, George D., Jr. 1983 Journal Article 3 7
Joseph Smith and the Bible Jackson, Kent P. 2010 Journal Article 1
Joseph Smith and the Bible : "Extending the Text and Filling the Silences" Needham, S. Eugene, III 2008 Dissertation
Joseph Smith and the King James Bible Underwood, Grant Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith as a Creative Interpreter of the Bible Ra?isa?nen, Heikki 2010 Journal Article 8
Joseph Smith in Hermeneutical Crisis Smith, Christopher C. 2010 Journal Article 2 13
Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible Matthews, Robert J. 2000 Encyclopedia Article 1
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Joseph Smith's Biblical View of Egypt Muhlestein, Kerry 2015 Book Chapter 2
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Joseph Smith's Insights into the Olivet Prophecy : Joseph Smith 1 and Matthew 24 Anderson, Richard Lloyd 1976 Book Chapter 1
Joseph Smith's Interpretation of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon Wright, David P. 1998 Journal Article 6
Joseph Smith's Use of the Old Testament Underwood, Grant 1986 Book Chapter 2
Joseph Smith’s Translation of the New Testament Blumell, Lincoln H., Jackson, Kent P. 2019 Book Chapter 1
Mormons and the Bible : The Place of the Latter-day Saints in American Religion Barlow, Philip L. 1991 Book 77 122
Now That We Have the Words of Joseph Smith, How Shall We Begin to Understand Them? Illustrations of Selected Challenges within the 21 May 1843 Discourse on 2 Peter 1 Bradshaw, Jeffrey M. 2016 Journal Article 2 57
Of "Life Eternal" and "Eternal Lives" : Joseph Smith's Engagement with the Gospel of John Frederick, Nicholas J. 2015 Book Chapter
Precious Truths Restored : Joseph Smith Translation Changes Not Included in Our Bible Marsh, W. Jeffrey, Sherry, Thomas E. 2004 Journal Article 1 11
Preservation of the Writing Approaches of the Four Gospel Writers in the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible Miles, Donald Joseph 1992 Dissertation 3
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The (Un)Plain Bible : New Religious Movements and Alternative Scriptures in Nineteenth-century America Willsky, Lydia 2013 Journal Article
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The King James Bible : Across Borders and Centuries Duran, Angelica 2014 Book
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The Scriptural Restoration Jackson, Kent P. 2005 Book Chapter 1
Was Joseph Smith Guilty of Plagiarism? Tvedtnes, John A. 2010 Journal Article 2
What If There Were No Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible? Sherry, Thomas E. 2005 Book Chapter
Why the King James Version Clark, J. Reuben, Jr. 1979 Book 1
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