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And Who Shall Have the Children? The Indian Slave Trade in the Southern Great Basin, 1800-1865 Van Hoak, Stephen P 1998 Journal Article 7
Mormon-Indian Relations In Deseret : Intermarriage and Indenture, 1847 to 1877 Kitchen, Richard D. 2002 Dissertation 7
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Utah Indians and the Indian Slave Trade : The Mormon Adoption Program and Its Effect on the Indian Slaves Muhlestein, Robert M. 1991 Dissertation 4
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Forgotten Mormon Perspectives : Slavery, Race, and the Black Man as Issues among Non-Utah Latter-day Saints, 1844-1873 Bringhurst, Newell G. 1977 Journal Article 3
A Legacy of Intolerance : Nineteenth Century Pro-Slavery Propaganda and the Mormon Church Today Woodbury, Naomi Felicia 1966 Dissertation 2
The Mississippi Saints Parrish, William E. 1988 Journal Article 2
Joseph Smith and the Great West Russell, Isaac K. 1927 Journal Article 2
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Extinguishing the Twin Relics of Barbaric Multiculturalism--Slavery and Polygamy--From American Federalism Kincaid, John 2003 Journal Article 1
A Study of the Attitude of the Latter-day Saint Church, in the Territory of Utah, Toward Slavery as it Pertained to the Indian as well as the Negro from 1847 to 1865 Dutson, Roldo V. 1964 Dissertation 1
Pedro Leon : Indian Slavery, Mexican traders, and the Mormon Judiciary Jones, Sondra 1995 Dissertation 1
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The Mormons and Slavery--A Closer Look Bringhurst, Newell G. 1981 Journal Article 1
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The Force of a Feather : The Search for a Lost Story of Slavery and Freedom Demaratus, DeEtta 2002 Book
Slavery in Utah Territory (1847-1865) Williams, Don B. 2004 Book
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