Studies in Mormon History

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Gathering the Remnants : Establishing the RLDS Church in Southwestern Iowa Bernauer, Barbara J. 2000 Journal Article 13 16
'As Historians and Not as Partisans' : The Writing of Official History in the RLDS Church McMurray, W. Grant 1986 Journal Article 7 4
The Reorganization in Nineteenth Century America : Identity Crisis or Historiographical Problem? McMurray, W. Grant 1982 Journal Article 6 13
The Nauvoo Heritage of the Reorganized Church Howard, Richard P. 1990 Journal Article 5 5
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A Peace Gene Isolated : Joseph Smith III Mackay, Lachlan 2015 Journal Article 3 8
The Last Smith Presidents and the Transformation of the RLDS Church Russell, William D. 2008 Journal Article 3 36
The Journey of a People : The Era of Worldwide Community Scherer, Mark A. 2016 Book 2
The United Order of Enoch in Independence Smith, Gregory 2002 Journal Article 2 1
Lamoni : Crucible for Pluralism in the Reorganization Church Hiles, Norma Derry 1980 Journal Article 1
Understanding Multiple Mormonisms Russell, William D. 2015 Book Chapter 1
F. Henry Edwards : Articulator for the Church (Makers of Church Thought Series) Edwards, Paul M. 1995 Book 1
Saints of the Reorganization in Missouri Wilcox, Pearl 1974 Book 1
Gentle Monarch : The Presidency of Israel A. Smith Hiles, Norma Derry 1991 Book 1
Readings on concepts of Zion Wellington, Paul A. 1973 Book 1
Eugene O. Walton and the Restored Church of Jesus Christ : A Brief Historical and Theological Evaluation Warren, Christopher 1988 Journal Article 1
History of the Reorganization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Briggs, Jason W., Reorganized The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 1875 Journal Article 1
A Brief History of the John Whitmer Historical Association Russell, William D. 2002 Journal Article 1 13
The Prophecy of Enoch as Restoration Blueprint Givens, Terryl L. 2012 Book 1
'Travelers on the new Mormon history trail' : Community of Christ contributions to the new Mormon history movement Scherer, Mark A. 2004 Book Chapter 1
Sectarian Commitment and Withdrawal Zinser, Raymond D. 1963 Dissertation
Evan Fry : Proclaimer of Good News Tyree, Alan D. 1995 Book
Arthur Oakman : An Artist with Words Draper, Maurice L. 1997 Book
Roy Cheville : Explorer of Spiritual Frontiers 1996 Book
A Renewal of the Faith : The Origins and Progress of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Griffiths, Casey Paul July 2018 Journal Article 7
A New Historiographical Frontier : The Reorganized Church in the Twentieth Century Launius, Roger D. 1986 Journal Article
The Reorganized Church in the Light of the Court Decisions Reimann, Paul E. 1942 Book
Whither Reorganization Historiography? Launius, Roger D. 1990 Journal Article
An introduction to the Saints Church : Including a user's guide Judd, Peter A. 1976 Book 5
Facing Ahistory in the Community of Christ Howard, Richard P. 2013 Journal Article
[The] First Twenty Years of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the ["] Queen City of the Trails" Etzenhouser, Melissa Warnky, Goldman, Henry H. 2012 Journal Article 4
Remaking the Reorganization : The Transformative Years of 1958 to 1970 in the RLDS Church McClellan, Mitch, Wilson, Keith J. 2012 Journal Article 14
Validation of Historical Inquiry : A Dialogue Launius, Roger D. 2002 Journal Article 1
Community of Christ Principles of Church History : A Turning Point and a Good Example? Anderson, Lavina Fielding, Bergera, Gary James, Bolton, Andrew 2010 Journal Article 15
The Future Growth and Development of Higher Education in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Vaughan, John E. 1960 Dissertation
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