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Pedestals and Podiums : Utah Women, Religious Authority, and Equal Rights Bradley, Martha Sonntag 2005 Book 21
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This Decade was Different : Relief Society's Social Services Department, 1919-1929 Hefner, Loretta L. 1982 Journal Article 5 4
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Some Aspects of the Welfare Activities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Miltenberger, Mayola Rogers 1938 Dissertation 3
A Fruitful Season Smith, Barbara B. 1988 Book 3
Changing Relief Society Charity to Make Way for Welfare, 1930-1944 Derr, Jill Mulvay 1987 Book Chapter 2
'Changing Times Bring Changing Conditions' : Relief Society 1960 to Present Hatch, Tina 2004 Book Chapter 2
Fifty Years of Relief Society Social Services Miltenberger, Mayola Rogers 1987 Book 2
These Amazing Mormons! Weston, Joseph Harry 1948 Book 1
Housework : The Problem that Does Have a Name Holbrook, Kate 2016 Book Chapter 1
Memoirs of the Relief Society in Japan, 1951-1991 Toshiko, Yanagida 2008 Book Chapter 1
"Changing Times Bring Changing Conditions" : Relief Society, 1960 to the Present Hatch, Tina 2004 Journal Article 1 13
The Effect of Secular Education Upon Mormon Relief Society Curriculum, 1914-1940 Clark, Carol L. 1979 Dissertation 1
A Social Analysis of the Latter-day Relief Society Johnson, Lucile 1950 Dissertation 1
Reflections : A Film About Women Bates, Irene M. 1979 Journal Article 1
These Three Women : They Presided Over Relief Society in the Twentieth Century Derr, Jill Mulvay, Oman, Susan Staker 1978 Journal Article 1
Belle Spafford : A Sketch Bair, JoAnn Woodruff 1971 Journal Article 1
Out of the Best Books : Mormon Assimilation and Exceptionalism Through Secular Reading Fields, Lauren Ann 2016 Dissertation
"We Feel Very Proud of our Relief Society Building" : The History of the Newcastle, Utah, Ward Relief Society Hall, 1920-1970 Smith, R. Eric 2015 Journal Article 10
Speaking Sisters : Relief Society Cookbooks and Mormon Culture Bishop, Marion 1997 Book Chapter
An Independent Companion : Ethel Nash Parton and the Australian Relief Society Gavin, Sherrie L. M. 2010 Journal Article 5
Behind the Lines : Relief Society During World War II Schmid, Sarah A. 2005 Book Chapter
Guide to a Generation : Belle Spafford's Latter-day Saint Leadership Hangen, Tona J. 2005 Book Chapter
The Presidency of Amy Brown Lyman, 1940-1945 : A Turning Point for Mormon Women Hall, David R. 2005 Book Chapter
Memoirs of the Relief Society in Japan, 1951-1991 Toshiko, Yanagida 2005 Journal Article 1
A Glimpse Into the Early Hawaii Mission and Oahu Stake Relief Society Dalton, Lela 1984 Book Chapter
History of the Relief Society in Ephraim, 1856-1999 Madsen, Eleanor, Nielson, Virginia 1999 Book
Relief Society in the Twentieth Century Smith, Barbara B., Thomas, Shirley W. 2000 Book Chapter
Religion, Gender, and Autonomy : A Comparison of Two Religious Women's Groups in Nursing and Hospitals in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Marshall, Elaine S, Wall, Barbra M 1999 Journal Article
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A Voice of Learning : Barbara Bradshaw Smith's Legacy of Leadership Ashton, Wendell J. 1994 Journal Article
Quiet Strength Lubeck, Kathleen 1986 Journal Article
Female Experience in American Religion Beecher, Maureen Ursenbach, Braude, Ann, Fox-Genovese, Elizabeth, Keller, Rosemary Skinner 1995 Journal Article
Barbara B. Smith : Woman for the World Thomas, Janet 1980 Journal Article
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