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The Unfettered Faithful : An Analysis of the Dialogue Subscribers Survey Esplin, Martha D., Mauss, Armand L., Tarjan, John R. 1987 Journal Article 8
A History of Dialogue, Part One : The Early Years, 1965-1971 Anderson, Devery S. 1999 Journal Article 7
A History of Dialogue, Part Three : 'Coming of Age' in Utah, 1982-1987 Anderson, Devery S. 2002 Journal Article 4 102
A History of Dialogue, Part Two : Struggle Toward Maturity, 1971-1982 Anderson, Devery S. 1999 Journal Article 3 106
Reflections from Within : A Conversation with Linda King Newell and L. Jackson Newell Anderson, Lavina Fielding, Newell, Linda King 1987 Journal Article 3
A History of Dialogue, Part Four : A Tale of Two Cities, 1987-92 Anderson, Devery S. 2008 Journal Article 2 18
Famous Last Words, or Through the Correspondence Files Bradford, Mary Lythgoe 2006 Journal Article 2 1
Mormons and the Beast : In Defense of the Personal Essay Jolley, Clifton H. 1978 Journal Article 1
Eugene England's Theology of Peace Ericson, Loyd 2012 Book 1
Maturing and Enduring : Dialogue and Its Readers after Forty Years Mauss, Armand L., Remy, John D., Reynolds, Robert W. 2006 Journal Article 1 5
Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the American Renaissance : An Update Rees, Robert A. 2016 Journal Article 1 9
The Road to 'Dialogue' : A Continuing Quest Peterson, F. Ross, Peterson, Mary Kay 1988 Journal Article 1
The Possibilities of Dialogue Rees, Robert A. 2006 Journal Article 1
A Forty-Year View : Dialogue and the Sober Lessons of History Menlove, Frances L. 2006 Journal Article 1 4
Eugene England and the Rise and Progress of Mormon Letters Cracroft, Richard H. 2002 Journal Article 1
David O. McKay and the 'Twin Sisters' : Free Agency and Tolerance Prince, Gregory A. 2000 Journal Article 1 2
To Give the Heart : Some Reflections on Dialogue Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1988 Journal Article 1
'A Matter of Love' : My Life with Dialogue England, Eugene 1987 Journal Article 1
A Wider Sisterhood Bushman, Claudia L. 1978 Journal Article
Personal Reflections on the Founding of Dialogue Salisbury, Paul G. 2006 Journal Article 1
Celebrating Forty Years of Dialogue Peterson, Levi S. 2006 Journal Article
The Founding and the Fortieth : Reflections on the Challenge of Editing and the Promise of Dialogue Johnson, G. Wesley 2006 Journal Article 1
Dialogue Hill, Marvin S. 1986 Book Chapter
A Brief Tour of England : My Year with Gene Carter, Stephen 2002 Journal Article
Valedictory Bush, Lester E., Jr. 1982 Journal Article
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