Studies in Mormon History

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Commercial Propaganda in the Silent Film : A Case Study of A Mormon Maid (1917) Nelson, Richard Alan 1987 Journal Article 3
The English Editor and the 'Mormon Scare' of 1911 Vousden, Peter J. 2002 Journal Article 3 2
The Curious Meet the Mormons : Images from Travel Narratives, 1850s and 1860s Smith, Craig S. 1998 Journal Article 3 10
The British Government and the Mormon Question, 1910-1922 Thorp, Malcolm R. 1979 Journal Article 3
Turning the Media Image of the Church in Great Britain, 1922-33 Parrish, Alan K. 2007 Book Chapter 2
"Scandalous Films" : The Campaign to Suppress Anti-Mormon Motion Pictures, 1911-12 Cannon, Brian Q., Olmstead, Jacob W. 2011 Book Chapter 1
Through the Glass Darkly : Early British Perceptions of Mormonism Burton, Thomas R. 1985 Journal Article 1
'The Captain Has Seen Utah Without Goggles' : The Mormons and Richard Burton Bishop, M. Guy 1993 Book Chapter
The Mormons Mackay, Charles 1859 Book Chapter
The Saints and the Captain : The Mormons Meet Richard F. Burton Bishop, M. Guy 1994 Journal Article
Greatest Victorian Explorer Meets the Old West : Sir Richard Burton Riley, Matthew K. 1994 Journal Article
Richard Burton Visits the City of the Saints Wilson, Laura Foster 1975 Journal Article
Results 1–21 of 21