Studies in Mormon History

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The Wonderlands of the Wild West, with Sketches of the Mormons Carlton, Ambrose Bolivar 1891 Book 2
Feeding the Flock : The Foundations of Mormon Thought : Church and Praxis Givens, Terryl L. 2017 Book 2 131
Emergent Mormonism in Context Howe, Daniel Walker 2015 Book Chapter 2
The Second Coming: Popular Millenarianism, 1780-1850 Harrison, John F. C. 1979 Book 1
Church, State and the Legal Interpretation of Polygamy in Canada Beaman, Lori G. 2004 Journal Article 1
Cultural Configurations of Mormon Fundamentalist Polygamous Communities Bradley, Martha Sonntag 2004 Journal Article 1
Mormon Canonizing Authority and Women's Gender Theologies, 1890-1942 Mott, Elizabeth 2017 Journal Article 1 29
Introduction DeSimone, Linda Wilcox, Stenhouse, Fanny 2008 Book Chapter
Queer Polygamy Sudholt, Jonathan 2019 Journal Article 3
"Denying the Undeniable" : Examining Early Mormon Polygamy Renunciations Hales, Brian C. 2018 Journal Article 42
Sexual Slander and Polygamy in Nauvoo Dinger, John S. 2018 Journal Article 13
The Personal Politics of Polygamy and Theocracy Hyde, Anne F. 2011 Book Chapter
The State and its Handmaidens : Imposing Order. Civil Threats and the Mormons Hyde, Anne F. 2011 Book Chapter
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